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New Radio Telescope Nearing Completion.

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Discovery Makes its Last Minute Launch

Terra Launches

Final full moon of the Century will Be Brighter than Normal

New Radio telescope Nearing Completion

NASA's Investigation Into Mars Failures Begins

Discovery Makes its Last Minute Launch

After 9 delays, the Space Shuttle Discovery finally lifted off its pad on Sunday from Cape Canaveral on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. The crew will catch up with the telescope on Tuesday, repair the broken gyros, and then land the shuttle again on the 27th. If the shuttle hadn't launched Sunday, NASA would have waited until the New Year to avoid potential Y2K problems.









Terra Launches

After a few of its own delays, the Terra Earth observation satellite launched on board an Atlas 2 rocket on Saturday from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Terra will help measure how the Earth's oceans, air, land and people function together by sweeping over the planet every 100 minutes in a near-polar orbit.





Final full moon of the Century will Be Brighter than Normal

The next full moon will occur on December 22nd; however, this will be a special event, as the Moon will also be at its closest point to Earth, only 356,667 kms away - causing it to be visibly brighter. This is rare, happening approximately once every 10 years or so.




New Radio telescope Nearing Completion

After the 90-meter radio telescope at the National radio astronomy Observatory collapsed over 10 years ago, congress approved funds to build a larger replacement. Nearly completed, the new 100-meter replacement at the facility in Green Bank, West Virginia will be the largest steerable radio telescope in the world.


NASA's Investigation Into Mars Failures Begins

Retired executive A. Thomas Young has been appointed to head up a team that will investigate NASA's entire approach to deep-space exploration. The appointment comes on the heels of two failed Mars missions under the "faster, cheaper, better" philosophy. Young was the mission director for the highly successful Viking landing missions before becoming an executive vice president with Lockheed Martin.



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Mars Delayed, Not Lost


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