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Military Satellite in Incorrect Orbit.

- Military satellite in Incorrect Orbit

- NASA Considers All-Female Crews

- Mir Space Walk to Patch Holes

- Russia Working on Service Module for Space Station

Military satellite in Incorrect Orbit

Military officials have confirmed that the Defense Support

Program satellite entered an incorrect orbit after its launch

on a Titan IV on Friday. This foul-up follows the previous

ill-fated Titan IV launch that exploded in August. Engineers

are attempting to reposition the satellite.








NASA Considers All-Female Crews

While only 25% of NASA's current astronauts are women, the space

agency is considering the benefits of an all-female crew - including

research into bone loss and radiation. Others see it just as a media ploy.


Mir Space Walk to Patch Holes

Still damaged from a collision with a cargo ship in 1997, Mir crewmembers

are planning a spacewalk to repair several holes in the Spektr module

with a "space patch kit". The spacewalkers will also deploy and retrieve

other experiments attached to the outside of the space station.


Russia Working on Service Module for Space Station

Construction of the International Space Station will move into its third

phase when the Russian Service Module is transferred to the Baikonur

cosmodrome next month. Engineers will then require eight months at the

site to prepare the station module for launch.



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