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Astronomers Discover asteroid with Moon.

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- Sea Launch Successful

- Astronomers Discover asteroid with Moon

- MIT Students Develop Business Plan for Mars Trip

- NASA Plans Russian Hardware Purchases

Sea Launch Successful

The ocean-based Sea Launch, designed to launch rockets from the

mid-Pacific, had its first successful test on Saturday - a Russian

Zenit-3SL rocket equipped with a dummy satellite. The rocket

lifted from the launch pad, and flew up to an altitude of 1,200

miles where it separated from the satellite.









Astronomers Discover asteroid with Moon

Astronomers have discovered a tiny Moon orbiting the asteroid 45

Eugenia. Given the romantic name of S/1998 (45) 1, the Moon is

guessed to be no larger than 10 km long, and orbits the larger

asteroid every 4.7 days.


MIT Students Develop Business Plan for Mars Trip

Using the Internet to coordinate their activities, a group of MIT

students have developed a business plan for an expedition to Mars.

The students are taking part in a competition sponsored by NASA, who

plans to incorporate the strategies into its own Mars mission.



NASA Plans Russian Hardware Purchases

NASA plans to spend $100 million of this year's operating budget to

purchase hardware from Russian manufacturers. The bulk of this money

will be invested into Soyuz space station, which will serve as a

crew return vehicle until the X-38's larger implementation is completed.


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