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SpaceShipOne Ready for Monday's Launch.

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SpaceShipOne to an altitude of 102, 870 metres.

X Prize officials have confirmed that Pilot Mike Melvill took Scaled Composites' SpaceShipOne to an altitude of 102, 870 metres (337,500 feet) on Wednesday. With this first flight qualified, they'll do their second flight on the morning Monday, October 4. SpaceShipOne and its carrier aircraft will take off at 1400 UTC (7:00am PDT) and ignite its rocket about an hour later. If everything goes well, the spacecraft will reach an altitude of 100 km (62.5 miles) carrying an extra 180 kg (400 pounds) - the equivalent of two passengers.

Burt Rutan's Mojave Aerospace Ventures Team successfully reached an altitude of 337,500 feet with Mike Melvill (the pilot) onboard plus ballast (approx. 180 Kg). This flight was deemed by the Judges as a successful first flight for the $10 million Ansari X PRIZE. The X PRIZE has just received official notice from Burt Rutan that SpaceShipOne's second flight (X2) will take place Monday morning, October 4th. Expected flight timeline:

* Takeoff at 7am PT

* Ignition at 8am PT

* Landing at 8:30am PT

* Press Conference to announce official Altitude at 10:30am PT

The entire flight and press conference can be viewed LIVE at www.xprize.org on our global webcast. Ticket are NOW available at http://www.airshownetwork.com/home.html Please spread the word to your friends. Tune in and help us celebrate the birth of the Personal spaceflight Revolution!

About the X PRIZE Foundation

The X PRIZE Foundation is a not-for-profit educational organization with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Supported by private donations and the St. Louis community, the Foundation’s mission is to create educational programming for students and space enthusiasts as well as provide incentives in the private sector to make space travel frequent and affordable for the general public. Several additional sponsorships for the ANSARI X PRIZE competition remain available to corporations or individuals who wish to support the X PRIZE Foundation and associate themselves with space, speed and high technology.

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