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A big bang opened the universe: Page 2 of 24.

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Big Bang Universe.
God and the Big Bang. A Big Bang Universe.

For at least the last two decades, a Big Bang singularity, (a point in spacetime where spacetime curvature is infinite), has somewhat taken precedence, in the realms of science, over what for most Christians is a more biblical event; that of god, creation and the nothingness.

To any theologian, a nothingness is probably the most profound event under their religious teaching.

The reason for this is a simple one: To any Christian who holds faith with God and ecumenical matters, a nothingness belief shows not only Gods entry route into our known universe, but also what God, Christ and that which we survey came from.

And although I wouldn't wish to join a debate, deciphering which of the aforementioned is more important to any Christian believer or scholar, I'm sure you can see the importance of this most prestigious substance. For without the nothingness there can be no God, no Christ, no Christianity.

And so we might even term this highly illusive nothingness, the very foundations of religion. But we do so without attempting to inflate our own stature. It merely happens to be a fact.

Yet initially, we said a Big Bang singularity has been promoted ahead of a nothingness, and so, we first need to understand why this might have happened.

A Big Bang singularity, that point in Spacetime where Spacetime curvature is alleged to be infinite, has been advanced out of all context in my opinion.

Unlike scientists or other philosophers, I really can't see the need to get quite so excited over an event which may appear contrived. And I do say that for a very good reason, which we'll come to later.

But first let me just try to explain the reason why I believe science needs this catalyst.

We might like to briefly examine sciences' belief, and ascertain why, like some alcoholic who clings to a bottle, they need to cling so desperately to this philosophy.

One might be forgiven for saying, without an explanation for that event which preceded all others, any attempt at promoting science ahead of religion would be no more than a pitiful effort of explanation. Science needs to demonstrate to a wider audience how answers are easily attained when difficult questions are posed. Not to do so may accelerate other, more ambiguous ideas to the masses, as religion has done for many centuries.

For the scientific community, there can be no greater justification of science, than to advance their teachings, and that means the most fundamental evaluations need to be sought. And there cannot be a more basic promotion than that which brought about creation.

Moreover, there needs to be a credible evaluation of what they say, and in some respects a Big Bang singularity actually meets most criteria needed: Always assuming other people don't pose advanced questions themselves.

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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