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Singularity: big bang - Page 12 of 24.

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Down here on Earth that may seem a small consideration, but on a universal, Big Bang basis, this single application should prevent a Big Bang singularity ever occurring.

Big Bang Singularity.
Singularity: Big Bang.

I now I'll be castigated for saying so, but if we wish to defend a theological approach to creation, we must not favour science by neglecting to mention crucial details, simply because academics would like to forget them themselves.

The principle of ubiquity, is a system never before tackled; as far as I know. But if our Universe did indeed deteriorate, and throw all matter across the universe, not only will academics find difficulties from the accelerant rates of matter moving through space at different points in its history, but also from accretion in the formation of stars and galaxies.

We mustn't forget, if ubiquity prohibits forward matter outrunning that which comes along behind, then it naturally defy's clumping too.

The reason for this is under an ubiquity theorem, where all points and places are equal, then equidistance must follow. Not to do so wouldbe absurd.

But from that statement, we might find a contradiction arises. If matter races away, but following matter quickly catches it up, how could equidistance happen? And the chances are, it can't.

However, universal mathematics say it must, and so, with an inbuilt universal anomaly we see an event science advances, somewhat flawed, even from the outset.

And that doesn't bode well for the construction of Galaxies - stars and planets. We might even term this theoretical observation, a universal building without foundations, that like any building without foundations, will collapse at the first opportunity.

Yet as this event, a big bang, continues to rouse passion in science, we must ask what would happen to its strategical central point, from the prospect of gravitational influence?

We might assume if all gravity was lost simultaneous, then no ambit to control large gravity, that from a General relativity model, would exist, and most certainly, no ambit would be included to allow it to decay as discrete quanta, under planck's quantum principle may exist either.

These two events espoused, are what inevitably drives a quantum gavity theory: All strong gravity held at one strategic point, yet allowed to decay as discrete quanta.

Yet if we could, by some small miracle, discover a new theory in the construction of the universe, we might be able to produce for science, a strong seat of gravity that is allowed to diminish as discrete quanta: Or that quantum gravity we just mentioned.

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