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God. Big Bang Theory.

For science we could place a steady state theory back on the books and permit them to work with an event far more productive than the one they toy with presently.

Before we reach them dizzy heights, we must first pose the last difficult question that forbids a Big Bang singularity: That of all the missing mass in the universe. And to reiterate, to a theologist, or supporter of Christianity it might seem irrelevant. But it's not, for this reason.

Science tends to mock Christians, as they believe Christian faith can never replace science as a dominant force. But maybe, if we can show that faith can advance sciences' quest as well, we might just allow our religion to be accepted by science with a more practical understanding.

Because we must never forget, the parable of the good samaritan. If we can help someone along our way, it's our moral duty to do so. And although a lot of Christians and theologians might shrink from the idea, because of the appalling way science has treated them, I would ask a behest - and beseech. Let science play at understanding if it makes them happy!

We said science and cosmology currently predict the Universe to contain only 1% mass, the other 99% is missing. One of the postulates doing the rounds at the moment is it may be hidden as dark matter. But that's not only ambiguous, it's clutching at straws.

In fact science has no idea why this strange occurrence of only 1% mass appears, and as it does, it throws a huge dark shadow over a Big Bang singularity. For if our Universe was constructed in one cataclysmic bang, then all matter would have appeared, and logically all mass would be apparent. We might like to call it, a what you see is what you get principle.

But as this missing mass appears to remain as illusive as any sensible postulate, we might like to say there is something wrong with Big Bang theory, rather than theology, or even a scientific steady state theory universal density doesn't change over time.

In other words, a production line is born, and allows the constant and stable release of matter over a sustained period, to permit universal density to continuously retain parity as other universal material dissipates on the universes peripheral wall.

And this might seem complex, but what I'm attempting here, is a conciliatory process where we provide science with a few treats. However, if we are to achieve this phenomenal task, we must expect our new theories to be attacked.

Having identified this hostility which will manifest, we must therefore reduce the ferocity of any such attack by building in some criteria of our own, to make the theorem credible.

Firstly, we have to ask ourselves what we hope to achieve? And for any theologian or Christian the answer is simple, yet beautifully uncompromising. We wish to discover God's route into the Universe from the material religion claims God, Jesus Christ and all which surrounds us is constructed from: The Nothingness.

We don't just want another theory of half baked ideas or ambiguities. We want something tangible, that carries an equation, a prediction and the opportunity to provide science with an ambit to measure what we discuss, in the laboratory under forensics conditions: No fudges!

So what criteria should we set for ourselves, to attain what some scholars instantly say is unattainable? From speaking to ordinary members of the public, the clergy - and those of a more secular background, I've compiled a set of questions, most of which arose during our discussion of a Big Bang singularity:

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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