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What started creation? big bang - Page 14 of 24.

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What Started Creation: The Big Bang?

A Big Bang universe we need to ask serious questions about:

(i) What is a Nothingness made of?

(ii) How was the Universe created?

(iii) Why did the universe come into being?

(iv) Can God actually arrive in the universe via this nothingness route as religion predicts?

(v) How do you compose time?

(vi) How do you produce Quantum Gravity?

(vii) Where's all the missing mass?

(viii) Can you prove this event accurate?

(ix) Will it provide a stronger explanation than a Big Bang singularity?

(x) Can a steady state theory be built?

(xi) Can cause and effect be demonstrated accurately so a more common sense explanation is found to define that which we witness around us?

From those questions you can immediately tell which belong to theologians, the man in the street and science. You don't need me to spell it out for you. But from them, I would suggest, we attempt to answer them all, not just some as science has done with its postulation on Big Bang theory. Those questions we just identified are honest in their application, thought provoking and the ones ordinary people seek answers to. Our Christian community in particular.

But I would momentarily point out at this stage, for a Christian definition, we need sciences' help. The most fundamental of the aforementioned questions, the nothingness, I suppose, is the one Christians reading this work would be waiting for. So I'll deal with that first, but say, this type of work cannot be evaluated peace-meal, you must read it all, otherwise only part of the paradigm may be built.

When we talk exclusively of a nothingness, we might have, in the past been slightly misled by our own definition of what it actually is. We know religion defines the nothingness as a substance, as all we survey is born from it. And so therefore, we must look, not for some kind of vacuum as others have done, but for a tangible block of nothingness.

After years of mind destroying work, I came up with a unique idea one day. I believed, if we took sciences' champion, physics and sought to neuter it, we might provide ourselves with a platform to advance. But what could this illusive substance religious theology predicts, actually be?

After deducing most of that which surrounds us is carbon based, I decided that should be a logical place to commence my search. But could a carbon based material really cancel physics? The idea seemed wild. But before it's dismissed, we have to ask ourselves what physics actually is?

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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