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Physics: big bang - Page 15 of 24.

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Physics: Big Bang
Physics: Big Bang

Under dictionary text, physics is described as: That branch of science which deals with the mechanics, dynamics, light, heat, sound, electricity and magnetism of natural events. I soon realised, if we could prohibit these natural elements, then our search might prove fruitful.

But to do so I first needed to discover a substance as predicted by early theologians, that contained zero electron a negatively charged particle that occurs in all atoms and is the primary conductor of electricity, value.

I knew if I found this deceptive substance, and perfected it, I might be able to facilitate the opening of one Universe from another. Or that cause and effect we spoke so candidly of.

To understand what we wish to achieve, it's important to identify this compound quickly, so we can move forwards, but reiterate, its identifiable content at a later time. That way the reader won't have to constantly keep checking the detail.

If we were to assume, the entire fabric of the universe, and that which lies beyond it for an indefinite period was made of solid diamond, we might just have laid the foundations of what we're about to discuss.

It might sound obtuse, to postulate theorem on such a common, if rare substance down here on planet Earth . But before we dismiss the idea, we must first explore some criteria we said we should meet.

Firstly, a diamond compound contains the zero electron value we so desperately need. Try and pass an electrical current through it and nothing will happen. And if that's the case, then it does not apply to the laws of physics in its embryonic state.

Therefore, with one easy lesson, we've managed to strip the laws of physics from an elementary substance that relates to you, me and everything we together survey.

If we imagine an infinite block of diamond, what we might term, a vitreous neutation, then we should assume it could never be measured. If science used any form of measuring device, light, heat, sound, electricity or magnetism, then no detection would be registered. Science could never determine whether this place was a mile wide, a million miles wide or a trillion miles wide. It would be infinitely black, contain no energy and as it wouldn't be in motion, no mass either.

It would be a lifeless, dead Universe - of immeasurable proportions. This substance, and it would still be a substance, would be termed: Nothingness, simply because, at that juncture in time, it would not apply to the laws of physics as we understand them.

A quick experiment in the laboratory proves this thinking accurate. If an experiment was undertaken, where a diamond was located - and a simple electrical charge placed to it, we should, theoretically see a vindication of our belief.

At that point, we might say the diamond becomes an hermaphroditic physics - as it neither applies to one thing nor the other. Neither energy or mass, but applies to them both equally, at the same time.

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