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Hot early universe: big bang - Page 16 of 24.

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hot early universe.
When Did the Big Bang Happen? Big Bang.

From our evaluation, we have neutered the compound to produce a substance - which under bible text suits our purpose: The nothingness.

But to just ascribe a term to a substance and say this is indicative of what we need is not enough, even though we can show unequivocally, under forensic conditions our assumption right.

For any theologian this postulate alone should be strong enough to vindicate a religious ethos: It meets necessary criteria as laid down in prophecy, does not apply to any law of physics at that moment, and as it is solid carbon, produces enough contemporary components to create a Universe as we know and understand it today.

But that might be preaching to the converted, and expecting people to defend us, without enough proof to accept what we say in a wider, secular world. Therefore we must go further, and match the strong arguments we insisted upon earlier.

The first thing I wish to demonstrate at this stage, is what we spoke of initially: Cause and effect. Basically, that means: To show an event, motivated by chain reaction, that has an indeterminable amount of reactions to produce an event capable of creating a universe.

Some people might reel away in horror at that challenge; but not us. We've come to accept the bigger doctrines science demands, and will not shrink from that huge task now.

One of the things we didn't mention with a Big Bang singularity, is a hot early universe. Protestations from science say, as an explosion is infinitely hot, this early period shows justification of a big bang. Microwave radiation actually vindicates this young, hot universal period.

And so we won't contest that. We will just contest what caused it. If we imagine in our block of diamond, a Universe is born. Not our universe, but another, more distant universe, beyond our realms of discovery.

What actually happens? We could assume as this early Universe is born from a fusion reaction, energy races away.

As energy accumulates, its intensity becomes hotter and hotter. And with heat, expansion is created. An inflationary period.

If you picture in your mind a bubble, you should see that bubble like a balloon being blown-up, that then increases in dimension.

With a steady increase in dimension, other points recognise an intolerable pressure which is placed upon them - and eventually they succumb to universal forces. Once this pressure is unbearable, a fracture in the diamond would register, just like a block of glass shattering, only still held in place by its own density. This might prove a catalyst for dozens of new universes. But we will only concentrate on ours.

The first early universe, over tens of billions of years will eventually start to cool, but as it does, contraction begins. It simply shrinks back to its original dimension.

Yet with shrinkage, our universe, with a newly applied fracture in its fabric, witnesses a division. And it would be this division that instigates a reaction.

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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