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Universe mass: big bang - Page 17 of 24.

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Universe missing mass: Big Bang.

The first universe was the cause of the event, now a new universe shall be its effect. With division, fusion occurs. Both energy and mass must move to opposite ends of the spectrum. As energy races away in a dantean inferno, mass centralises.

We could quickly apply an obvious equation to this. To do so, we say our nothingness is represented by a small (n), an indefinite number, energy by a small (e) and mass, a body measured by its resistance to acceleration, as a small (m). The simply means squared, a number multiplied by itself.

To kickoff our new Universe its equation, should theoretically be written as: (em=n). To explain things simply, we say, from our nothingness, both energy and mass are created, and God's arrival into our Universe is imminent. We never needed to rely on ambiguities, nor did we need to fudge the evidence. We demonstrated how one Universe can act as the catalyst of another, or several others - and how our Universe should naturally keep the ball rolling.

Our universe, over time, will expand from a heat application - and create a multi-universal loop. The reason for this is we can now apply finite boundaries to universal dimension and show the Universe not to be infinite and expanding forever, as Einsteins cosmological constant suggests.

The boundaries of any Universe will logically be determined by the fracture line produced. Its two farthest points become the boundary lines needed to show, conclusively, the measurement any Universe might envelop for its life cycle. If we assume, a fracture produced in our diamond neutation has a determinable length, then the fracture line, measured by its circumference will be the dimension of a newly emerged universe. The reason this happens, is because the two farthest points are its weakest places. Everything inside this dimension, we will allow to collapse, or to consolidate as we called it earlier.

Science speaks quite enthusiastically of Stephen Hawking and the Big Bang singularity, and so, perhaps we should now begin to demonstrate the very same confidence, and talk enthusiastically of a silent scream To liquify by heat energy - and siphon from it mass. And to understand the next part, I will facilitate the narrative somewhat, and use easy analogies everyone can comprehend.

Let's imagine an infinite block of diamond that doesn't apply to any law of physics. The nothingness as we described it. One Universe has opened in a distant region, and as it expanded via heat application, it has created pressure in another area. A large star shaped fracture appears. Gradually, over billions of years, the first Universe cools, the pressure has eased and our fracture witnesses a slight division in its matrix's. As the division is noticed, a recognition is registered and an effect happens: Fusion!

Fusion will now provide us with a Universe infinitely hot, that continuously burns in pure radiation, and once completed will move to the peripheral wall, as it has nowhere else to go. But as it does, the rest of our Universe collapses. And the collapse, under Newtonian law must locate exactly central to the rest of the universe. There is no margin of error at this juncture, because each movement provides a catalyst for the next. The only thing then to determine its locality, is weight.

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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