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Balanced forces: big bang - Page 19 of 24.

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Balanced Forces.
Balanced Forces: Big Bang.

with infinite weightlessness - a mechanism must be sought to allow it to return to its former location. Back whence it came.

If we imagine energy, and mass have separated, and all Neutrons are housed at this central point, a slow and steady release may begin. We could assume, at this time, both a dense central point and the entire Universe itself are perfectly formed in their weight, as all is weightless. It becomes a paradox, for once our Universe has ceased in its early action, no mass can be measured, as any body of mass is measured by its resistance to acceleration. Yet as it decays, with a slow discharge of super heavy neutrons, they in turn must capitulate to surrounding energy.

And although we describe it as infinite weightlessness, we must keep in mind a conservation of energy. Neither energy or its equivalent in mass can either be created or destroyed. And so, as each super heavy Neutron espouses with its contemporary in energy, an entire system of orchestrated - universal pyrotechnics begins. Or what we might term: supernova 2.

Those would be the foundation of new galaxies, stars and planets, as each now has the ability to constantly distance themselves from that central region, produce undulation from a natural wave mechanics permeating the universe, and quickly find a position in life's cosmic ocean.

Once this symphony commences, gravity and elementary volumes of mass quickly return. And the continuous progression towards fruition, not only shows a steady state theory, as each is released as discrete quanta, but hones to perfection quantum gravity, and becomes indicative to show the missing mass so desperately needed if we truly wish to determine an advanced theory of cosmology and theology.

For if we begin with a Universe of nothingness, create a fusion - infusion process: To liquify by heat energy and siphon from it mass, we compose time, allow the Universe to grind dramatically to a halt, before unravelling itself.

But as this occurs, we create motion - and as mentioned, this enables gravity and mass to return. What you might glean from this is, the centre of our Universe now creates an ubiquity of balanced forces (equal parity) with that which surrounds it.

And if we therefore assume only 1% mass is located in the universe, then only 1% mass should theoretically remain at the universes central location. But as super heavy Neutron exchange takes place, our Universe turns at a higher ratio, until once again parity is retained and the Universe is balanced back out. This allows Quantum gravity all big gravity at the centre of the Universe to be released as discrete quanta to apply a steady-state theory; our Universe doesn't particularly expand, but matter within it does, in a stable way over time, and always retains an ubiquity.

And if this is the case, and matter releases from a central region, and the velocity of our Universe increases, its volume of mass increases with it. But paradoxically, as this higher ratio effects that central point itself, the mass there must increase in density too. Therefore, if our Universe measured 2% mass, then 2% would be held centrally. If our Universe measured 3% mass then 3% may be measured at that central point. And this assumption should naturally continue until the Universe measures 50% mass, leaving 50% at its central point.

Big Bang Science Continued

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