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Our universe: big bang - Page 21 of 24.

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Our Universe.
Our Universe.

Through fusion - infusion To liquify by heat energy, and siphon from it mass, we composed time. We never had to answer what our universe expanded in to, as we allowed our model to simply collapse. And we can justify a point in space and time for this event, as it was determined by outside factors.

All of those obstacles may seem insignificant to anyone of a religious type. But let's not forget, without them religion has no merit, no foundation and no tangible substance. It becomes merely conjecture. And that alone makes it extremely difficult to convey to a wider audience.

Therefore, Christians need to ask themselves a question: Do they wish to promote the word of God?

If the answer is yes, then first they must challenge science in its secular kingdom, and God willing, when that fight is fought - and won, they might move on and convince the rest of the world that God really can enter the Universe from a substance known as nothingness, but not with rhetoric, but science! A rather perverse irony, that to promote God, they need science. But they do say, the lord moves in mysterious ways.

We are only ever servants and messengers who deliver the word. It's not for us to determine how that word should be delivered. Here, we managed to excel most expectations and take logical thought to the very boundary of reason. We have gone beyond any Big Bang singularity and shown the justification of a nothingness concept not only better for Christian belief, but also science itself.

In fact, we have offered science an opportunity to advance their own tenets - and understand that philosophy, theology, science and cosmology do not have to be adversaries. They can be common companions, whatever affiliation or denomination the believer comes from, as they all seek the same end product: The truth!

None of us wish a contrived or perverted debate. None of us wish falsehoods or half truths. Yet with inflexible individuals in the world of science, who perhaps sometimes supersede their own importance, it might be for the masses to decide who's right. But if science continues to distance itself from this doctrine, and continuously promote a theory, a Big Bang singularity, and hide God's prominence, it must naturally answer those questions we posed originally:

Why did our Universe locate to that place? How long might it expand? How can it hold a universal seat of gravity? Where's all the missing mass? How do you create universal time, and where is God' s scope to govern this mighty kingdom?

These questions I think science will never answer, for there simply is no answers for them to find. I may be wrong, but I doubt it. Therefore, it's our duty as truth-seekers to advance this philosophy to a wider community and enable them to argue its merits. For my part I wish them all good luck whatever their belief. For the one thing that is sure, is, without reasoned debate we will have nothing. Some people might contest what we say and assume ignorance is bliss, while others may concede, knowledge is the only true comfort in a secular, sceptical world.

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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