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Christians: big bang - Page 22 of 24.

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What we sought to achieve in rewriting the Big Bang for christians, the church and religion, was two specific things. We endeavoured to show firstly, a Big Bang singularity had little or no substance because of the missing mass, and secondly, how God may enter the known Universe from a definitive substance, always termed by Christians as The nothingness. A task, I think you might agree, we reached.

It wasn't easy discovering or postulating credible theory on this most difficult subject, but through sheer hard work, over a fifteen year period, we made it happen. And that in itself is remarkable.

Inevitably in this paper after I had completed my work, we made the impossible, possible. We did it with science. And that's something Christians might find unpalatable, but in essence, it serves them better than just religious pontification.

For with a scientific evaluation, there can be no uncertainty - no ambiguity or rhetoric. Some may even say we shot science with their own scientific gun. We showed equations, made predictions and naturally sought to prove the belief we advanced by locking in an experiment. And with an experiment, we once again remove any uncertainty by allowing science the luxury of measuring what we say, in the laboratory - under forensic conditions. Never before has such an extensive search been witnessed by the few, or the masses. But now we can witness it. We can demonstrate with theoretical evidence our belief, and then show demonstrably with tangible results the greatest advance in theology: God's entry to the universe.

And the moment we show this theory accurate, with experiment, religion will take the largest step forwards it has ever taken: Religion will become as real in our physical understanding of the Universe as it does in peoples' hearts.

But to understand these theories, we needed to prove our acceptance of religion from a scientific platform, and that was complex. Some might even argue, it was too complex.

But before they do, let me just ask you this: What do you want from your Christian belief, an ambiguous set of stories always ridiculed or pulled apart by academics, or a strong belief vindicated with experiments that no one can challenge because the composition is perfect?

Most Christians, if not all Christians would say, they want strong vindication of their religious belief, as this allows them to promote the word unchallenged.

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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