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But to produce a postulate on Big Bang we had to do some hard work. We had to think about what we discussed, and in some cases, the theory here may have to be read several times before a full comprehension is gained. But that is a small investment of the individual's time and minuscule in comparison to the satisfaction attained.

When we think how a positive response justifies the very fabric of existence and life in the universe, then I'm sure you'll agree, our rewrite of the Big Bang singularity was well worth the effort, for now we have a religion that stands up to scrutiny, even in the laboratory. When Christians now discuss their God, they can do so with confidence. Perhaps even more confidence than science can discuss their Big Bang singularity. But how did we make all this happen?

Well, to start with we challenged Big Bang Belief. We suggested there was no logical reason for the event, as science calls it, to instigate itself. There never was a reason to create a universe. And with no reason, there can be no universe. We deduced something was missing: Cause and effect. We said this simple process was so fundamental in opening the universe, that a Universe could not be created without it.

Therefore, from 3rd century religious text, we sought guidance. We found predictions of a substance known as The Nothingness. It seemed obtuse at first. But thorough investigation it led us to believe a nothingness was possible if we viewed it from a scientific prospective. It was then we identified the substance as a compound which did not apply to the laws of physics. We chose to term this substance, diamond as it enabled us to explain the theory better, and more simply. But we did concede, on universal terms the compound might have slightly different properties. But to allow all of us an ambit of understanding, we chose to facilitate the explanation with easily definable text.

Yet that doesn't detract from its significance. Quite the contrary, as atoms can be shown here on Earth , with experiment, to contain all the characteristics needed to produce a diamond, then not conduct electrons, our initial thoughts are proven beyond reasonable doubt. For we show, accurately, the reverse of a Universe in creation.

If we can compose diamond from that which surrounds us, then we can equally argue, a reverse analogy applies. That which surrounds us comes original from a diamond material. Yet apart from this, we also showed how a Big Bang singularity failed abysmally to account for other criteria needed in universal construction. There was no trigger mechanism, no reason why it should explode on a specific date, and nothing for it to expand in to. We also witnessed a much greater problem: There was no justification of Quantum gravity and no possibility to explain why all the universal mass - is missing: Or at least 99% of it.

These two imponderable's alone prohibit a Big Bang singularity, and really, relegate Big Bang theory to the waste-bin. And that's not even mentioning the fact, it deliberately excludes God from universal edict.

However, with our rewrite we showed how all the aforementioned could be adequately explained, and the questions involved, satisfactorily answered. We saw how even scientific criteria could be accurately predicted and strong predictions made. We spoke of large pulsar clusters toward the centre of the universe, and giant red Galaxies on the peripheral wall, dissipating. If we're right, these should be detectable, in time, with large radio telescopes.

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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