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We also showed how, under this new theory, which we termed colloquially a silent scream, how time was composed. We said, however long the Universe takes to centralise, will be the time it takes to return whence it came. Something a Big Bang singularity, could never achieve, not even in a scientists wildest imagination.

Therefore, in retrospect, we have to ask ourselves - how seriously will this work be taken?, and pose some fairly honest answers. I would say, initially the idea will be treated with open hostility from academia. No scientist likes to believe the Universe a biblical event. Creationists are seen by scientists, as no more than cranks.

But with time, and perhaps a strong appraisal, science might come to understand that they make mistakes like everyone else. For in essence, the real determination as to whether the opening of the universe, is not based on theology or cosmology, but is formed on the ability for it to happen.

It makes no difference the terminology we apply to an event, if the event itself is not theoretically possible. Therefore, at that point of creation, we must assume the event was neither scientific or biblical, but more non-applicable.

It was neither one thing nor the other. It was just another sequence in a loop continuation. One of many millions that will happen throughout the nothingness.

Yet, when we look to satisfy inquiring minds, we must deduce, as the event which took place was predicted under biblical prophecy, the strongest application must be afforded to a religious community, as their association with such an event preceded all others.

As we strive to make this statement, we must accept, that not everything is how we'd always like it to be: Sometimes there are imponderable's, large questions that need answering, and conundrums that appear to have no logical solution.

But here, in this short work, we have laid foundations to explain them, not just to justify religion, but also to promote it, for we have taken the single greatest step toward understanding that which we survey.

The ability to show creation can be born of the nothingness, that God may indeed enter the Universe under biblical prediction, and solid foundations can be laid.

But it's not for us merely to speculate on this event, it's for science to accept the challenge - and measure what we say. A put-up or shut-up time. Only then might some semblance of common sense enter the wider debate, and move mankind onward to his ultimate destiny: The discovery of God in his mighty kingdom.

But even whilst writing this thesis, there is one important factor I have so far omitted. The definitive Age of the universe in each transcending movement: From its inception, to its decay.

I think as a footnote, we might engineer the paper to incorporate a chronological data, but emphasise, as we do, the unique characteristics of the problem.

We might assume, the duration of our planet is vastly different from other worlds, as the gravity which drives it is measured by different cycles.

Therefore, we shall show how we can comprehend a universal duration for us in standard years, and then apply a mathematical equation for all observers regardless of their periodic cycle the planet they inhabit might incur.

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