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Infinite nothingness: big bang - In Conclusion.

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Infinite Nothingness.
Infinite Nothingness.

The reason why we can do this is a simple, but elegant one; we discovered the missing mass and universal density. And in doing so, we sowed the seeds of calculation. We discussed how science postulates a theory of only 1% mass in the universe. The other 99% is missing. Or at least it was before our quick rewrite of a Big Bang singularity. But even when we show how the Universe composed itself, we suggested a paradox entered the equation.

If 1% mass is in the universe, 1% will lay centrally. 2% mass in the universe, 2% remains central. This evaluation continues until our Universe completes itself at 50% mass, leaving 50% central at the centre of the universe. And obviously the full calculation is completed the other way: When it composed itself.

But, with 1% mass, and the Universe dated at 15 billion years, we can now argue, if we multiply this by 50, we should, theoretically reach an appropriate sum. We might say, the Universe will be 750 billion years at its death. Or, if we take into account its composure as well, some 1,500 billion years will have passed altogether through both stages, the composure and decomposure of the Universe as a whole.

Therefore, If 15 billion has ticked away in our moulder, 735 billion is left until we eventually cease to exist. But as different Planets move at different speeds, we should accept, that all of the universes tenants may measure this death sentence as an equation, as the laws of physics are equal to all. And this is easily written as: (m=eČ). mass equals energy squared. The equation basically means, when all universal energy converts to mass, the universal cycle will be complete - and the only thing to remain at that juncture, will be what we started with, an infinite amount of nothingness in the Universe without end.

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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