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Universe according to Stephen Hawking: big bang - Page 7 of 24.

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Universe Stephen Hawking.
Stephen Hawkings Universe: Big Bang.

And it's this type of conjecture that drives science mad; for they, like the rest of our magnificent world have few answers. It's better to do as Hawking suggested, and say time had a start point known as a big bang singularity - and events before the Big Bang can be of no significance. At least those words allow you a mechanism to move forwards, to explore the possibilities the rest of the Universe has to offer. Or do they?

If we were to adopt this attitude towards that extensive ether called space, we might have missed one crucial factor: a posteriori: (Latin = what comes after). Or to facilitate still further, it basically discusses the principle of cause and effect. That commodity we suggested so vital if we wish to hone and develop our Universe to its natural conclusion.

For although Stephen Hawking's universe, chooses a convenient jump-off point for the big bang, where natural propagation is allowed to ferment, we have decided, this is simply not good enough. It's lazy! It's cheating!

As we progress deeper inside this thesis, we will deal with those questions never before answered by science, and assume laziness and cheating is something we will leave to others. Our quest shall be the most diligent ever sought, and will inevitably cause ructions within that secular world of academia and the more auspicious world of theology. I guarantee you, we are about to advance a debate, most people would rather not discuss and shake science to its foundations.

Yet, when we spoke of consolidation a moment ago, we did so for one specific reason; to ensure a Universe could be composed, and time fermented under a natural appraisal, and then allowed to unfurl in a majestic way which, theoretically should run like clockwork. But to do so, we first have to envisage the rest of sciences' postulation on Big Bang theory, and decipher the negative attributes, as well as the positive ones already in the public domain.

Science might advance a proposition at this stage, and say the Big Bang model also fits in with General relatively: (That all motion is relative, in the special relativity sense, and then extend the theory to gravitation and motion): To allow the Universe to expand.

To achieve this, Einstein built-in a cosmological constant, later dismissed it, and then proclaimed it the biggest mistake he ever made. Although, personally I think he should have stuck to his original belief that it was indeed a mistake. It might play well to extend original postulation, but it does little to advance God's status in the matrix's of things.

And maybe that's why Einstein dismissed the initial thought himself.

Science tends to like the idea, simply because under his theory, it makes God's position obsolete. Yet, we have already found one anomaly, and we can be absolutely certain there are plenty more. Stephen Hawking makes the protestation about time, and probably says more if you read between the lines than actually reading the lines themselves.

When he discusses events before a Big Bang singularity being of no significance, did he really spare a thought for theologists and Christians? I doubt it!, for had he, he might have reached a different conclusion.

We must remember, in today's society, there is anywhere up to 3 billion Christians on planet Earth. Do we have a right in a modern world to simply turn our back on these people? Or do we have a moral obligation to resign selfishness to the bin, and see if we can't at least construct a model that suits their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations. Most people, regardless of their affiliation would say that's the decent thing to do.

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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