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Universe and life: big bang - Page 9 of 24.

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Universe Life.
Universe and Life: Big Bang.

We said, from our initial inspection of a big bang singularity, the opportunity to produce a point in Spacetime of infinitude would be negligible: There appears no apparent reason for this point, except to allow science a proverbial jump-off point, as we mentioned earlier. Yet even if it did exist, we might pose another rather obvious question, and ask:

What made it explode in the first place?

Where was the cause and effect needed to instigate any reaction? Or are we supposed to believe this event instigated itself spontaneously, for no logical reason?

It beggars belief, to assume, the Universe suddenly sprung into life, without a catalyst to achieve the event. But for a reason known all to themselves, science assumes this is how it began. Maybe it's because they have no other reason, no other explanation!

But do we?

As much as I have tried, desperately in some cases, to identify this huge problem, and solve its ability to produce something, for no reason, I find it difficult. No that's not true; I find it impossible? There is no honest reason to assume any place would explode, without first producing cause and effect. The equivalent would be to explode a bomb without a timer, detonator, trigger factor or chain reaction.

And therefore, we must insist at this point, if there was a point in space, where time and space were infinite, then this place should, theoretically always remain stable. We could deduce though, if we wish to expand our philosophy at this juncture, we might need to incorporate that trigger mechanism just mentioned. At least that way we might be able to make this event possible, because it's certainly not possible without it.

God willing, when we reach a stage, where we are expected to challenge this existing science, we shall do so without ambiguity or rhetoric. In fact, we will smack science so firmly in the face with our gauntlet of defiance, the ripples will cause repercussions for years to come.

But that's for later. Right now, I wish to concentrate on scientific explanation; even that they have touted around with a demonstrative attitude. We've all seen scientists on our televisions, their chests puffed out, their posture haughty. But forensically, they have not been questioned about creation, the Big Bang or other scientific postulation regarding the beginning of existence. And this is mainly because TV producers are inexperienced with cosmological theorem, or simply bullied by scientists themselves.

Many an academic has refused to undergo TV interview, unless allowed to deliver their message in their own way. This is partly the reason why a staid old debate takes place today. Ask yourself this question: How often have you witnessed on television, radio or in literature any strong challenge to Big Bang philosophy? I wouldn't mind betting, you couldn't even count the number on one finger! And

Big Bang Science Continued

How to rewrite the Big Bang

Pages below are only theory and should not be viewed as scientific opinion

Essay chapters on how to rewrite Big Bang Thoery

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