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How To Rewrite Special Relativity: The Introduction.

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einstein and light.
Einstein and the properties of light

Maybe the greatest irony to prohibit belief in ufology, the study of ufos, is that of Einsteinian special relativity and the laws of physics. A problem that has always been neglected in ufological debate, and the discussion of how to move any propellant object across the universe.

It might seen insignificant to the untrained observer, that one remarkable piece of physics can extinguish their belief and make redundant any esoteric debate on such an intriguing, yet ambiguous subject.

Some may even argue the debate not ambiguous, as the proof is overwhelmingly conclusive. But what we have to understand, even admit to, is the proof surrounding this subject is anything but conclusive, regardless of the millions of eyewitness accounts; that governments house downed craft, or even the numerous tales of alien abduction.

These stories would be fine, if we only ever sought to preach to the converted; but in essence, for science they fail abysmally in their construction and will never be taken seriously. Even at the point of abstract debate.

The reason for this is a simple one: Special relativity.

Not many ufologist appreciate, that with special relativity applied to the equation, extraterrestrial craft visiting us is not only unlikely, it's theoretically impossible. Therefore, our challenge here must be unambiguous, and our endeavour credible.

We mustn't just seek to deal in rhetoric, but we must deal in science. Even if only from a philosophical perspective. By that I mean, we shouldn't just claim special relativity wrong, we must show it wrong in a candid expression which allows science the opportunity to measure what we say.

To achieve this phenomenal task, we have to set ourselves some universal criteria, laced with an objectivity, where our science at least matches their's, if not surpasses it. Nothing else will do. And that is no easy job.

When we talk openly of the intricacies in these next pages you are about to read, you must be painfully aware of the criteria we should naturally have to meet. Any scientist will demand an equation. An equation is fundamental to enable the postulate to be incorporated within a mathematical framework, which subsequently allows our theory to be advanced to its next progressive stage: That of a prediction. A prediction is built in to any thesis to extract that ambiguity we spoke of earlier. Also, at that point any ambivalence can be sequestrated. This enables science to go forth and examine the rudiments of this idea with a forensic application, and report back the authenticity as to what we say.

Without an equation and prediction, no theory will be taken seriously and its creator may become no more than another crank purporting the virtues of something that is unsubstantial. And that would serve our belief not one jot.

For these reasons then, a sense of probity needs to be endorsed. We must demonstrate our candour with the most meticulous search ever undertaken in the advancement of ufology.

In other words, we should attempt to make the impossible, possible from an academic perspective never before achieved. What we also have to comprehend is, as we advance our theory into a practical debate, we shall be vilified.

Yet reluctantly, I think this is something we have to accept, as anyone who rewrites Einsteinian physics must.

It's not particularly that science is riddled with acrimony, but more, bigotry inflicts the world of science with as much cancerous application as it does any other part of society. Science, its hallowed halls and academics are usually educated on preconceived notions, and any distinction which may arise is treated with scepticism.

This is not just because some prurient nature envelopes them, but more, they don't like to break ranks with each other. And so we need to elevate ourselves above this practice and be prepared, where necessary to sustain an academic hostility, even before they fully investigate and diagnostically examine the belief put forward in this paper.

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