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How to move faster than the speed of light: Summary.

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a rewrite of Einsteinian special relativity and move faster than light
a rewrite of Einsteinian special relativity and move faster than light

When we actually set out to achieve a rewrite of Einsteinian special relativity and move faster than light, explore the laws of physics and breach C the constant, the velocity of light, no one could have predicted at the time, the results which have emerged; least of all me. It might even be true to say, I found a new law of physics.

The movement from a rough idea, that it might be possible to breach the velocity of light, came forwards to fruition and brought about some startling results: A time, non-time parallel predominant amongst them.

It was in the mid 70's I first heard the subject matter of ufology broached by science, in the sense, a UFO could never make the journey to planet Earth , the occupants on board could not cope with the high levels of gravity a craft might incur, and the absence of Planets where both these craft and their inhabitants originate from, all remained unanswered.

And for those reasons I set out, with one theory to prove it possible to answer the aforementioned questions posed by scientists. It was not an easy task, and at no point do I conclusively claim to be accurate with this expansion of special relativity: That would be arrogant.

But what I did hope to achieve, was a credible alternative to modern scientific thinking. And that had to happen in three certain ways: (i), I had to produce a theory to allow all three prohibiting factors to be advanced as one piece of science. (ii) I had to demonstrate, unequivocally the velocity of light not to be a constant in a vacuum, and (iii) build a prediction so science - cosmology have an ambit to measure what I speak about. This I believe I achieved; and providing the theory is authenticated, there is now no logical reason why a UFO cannot visit Earth in acceptable time frames.

The pursuance of this theory was designed for ufologists, to answer any nagging doubts over such an intriguing conundrum. The most difficult aspect was probably the movement of light, and the search to determine its true emission and transmission velocities. And it was only after a rigorous search, that I deduced, keeping in mind gravity always attracts, that a paradox might enter the equation.

Logically, if we chose to hold a belief light emits from a star and travels towards us there could be no questioning of special relativity at all, and obviously all time would indeed be relative.

But once I struck upon the theory of moving light, by changing its emission and transmission points, I understood time needn't be relative at all.

Yet, it originally seemed absurd to postulate theory on such a contentious issue, by standing logic on its head. But there we had it, there was no alternative, no other explanation to justify such wild recognition as Spacecraft in the extraterrestrial sense. And assuming these vehicles were of a propellant nature, and only a conservation of energy might drive them: That meant using universal theorem to act as a catalyst in this endeavour, and as much as I try, the only engineering factor I can comprehend is by literally reworking the laws of physics.

That led me to believe acceleration and weight were relative, and time was not.

Basically, that meant everything had a place in time, yet didn't simultaneous. In other words, we would use 2 separate times in conjunction with each other to achieve an event never before imagined; let alone stipulated.

I delved somewhat in to Newtonian mechanics to justify these universal characteristics, and was rather pleased with what I discovered. Using both Newton's second and third laws it became apparent, that not only could we change existing belief, but we might also show the event accurate: Although it will be a painstaking search, but more scientific than any SETI project, for both science and ufology. And perhaps more rewarding too.

What I naturally sought to do, was place in a prediction at this point. And as previously mentioned, it came to me at the most obtuse moment; as I made a cup of tea and stared from the window.

I assumed with Newton's laws, if one star increased its volume of mass, a point of force, central to both bodies would need to find a new location in the night sky.

But with an eclipse in another solar system, the prediction should be easily provable. Due to a higher volume of mass, as this event takes place, starlight will briefly reposition itself to a higher location: And obviously vice-versa if a lunar eclipse takes place.

At that point we could conclude, the velocity of light would naturally compensate for any fluctuation in mass density, and show unequivocally the speed of light not a constant in a vacuum. This simple rewrite demonstrates at that moment how UFOs may make a journey to see us.

The theory's not ambiguous, nor is it contrived, regardless of what anyone might argue. The simple fact of the matter is, we can measure the event, or not as the case may be.

With this postulate comes a stark reality that will inevitably cause a whole new debate to open: ufology must now, in my opinion, be afforded much more credibility. We can no longer stand-by and assume the event, that of extraterrestrial craft visiting our Earth , not possible. This theory makes it possible.

And although I won't claim it to be absolute, because it has not, as yet, been measured, I will support the potential possibility of its examination.

By that I mean, I will watch the reaction from science, as should you, and deduce results based on a diagnostic, forensic evaluation with large radio telescope observation.

To just say it's wrong is not acceptable; not to me, the wider ufological community or indeed science itself.

As with any new piece of work, a careful appraisal needs to be made. But what we can be certain of is, if our prediction is vindicated, then UFOs are not only a dream, they are a reality. And this theory provided all of us with another crucial factor: To show why other planets, those home worlds of alien life are not detectable to us.

We assumed, that if light broke central to any two bodies of mass, then other worlds hid themselves secretly, because we only ever monitor an exertion of force rather than a solid body of matter. We suggested, this postulate might produce indigenous life around every mature star going; and that isn't only exciting, it's frightening.

We know nothing of their desires, their ambitions or intentions, but assumed, as we remain free from hostile aggression, they probably intend us no harm: Although future contact cannot be ruled out. We only know of existing claims, and assume the importance of their ambitions.

But as we craft and mould a topography for our home world, others might have advanced to a stage where their universal map making skills bring them precariously close to our own world.

And it's these species we have no insight too. Therefore, we should plan for the unexpected.

For this simple reason alone, it becomes imperative to advance and hone our own technological future, to a point where we at least match anything we may come into contact with, beyond our own mighty remit.

This opportunity, under the existing laws of physics is not only unlikely, it isn't feasibly possible.

And even if this rewrite is proven wrong, we must still constantly strive to comprehend that of which we survey. Not to do so may be the greatest and most noble act of folly humanity has ever endured or presided over. Our long term survival is at best tenuous; but who knows, if we distance ourselves from our own prejudice and what others think, and move surely to what we believe, society and its grand adventure might stand one small chance as it emerges from its chrysalis and spreads its wings majestically before embarking on the most inexorable voyage imaginable:

That of its own destiny.

I wish us good luck and good fortune for that day, for until we reach it, man's own blindness shall be his yardstick. And he shall be judged on the distance his mind can see.

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