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Belief in God and the bible.

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God - is he out there hidden in the mighty universe.

It is more than important, it is absolutely crucial: The centrally located position contains all our newly formed universal mass, and is basically the key to time, which we will discuss further in a later chapter titled Time.

However, for the moment I wish to concentrate on another significant roll the central point plays; that of universal gravity.

As every piece of material, during its subdivision located to this point, its density must have become so enormous that the average human mind could not even begin to contemplate its atomic value or weight. Yet this place will become our universes very powerhouse, the engine that drives the machine. And in creating it, we never attempted to manipulate the necessity of this remarkable feat: We merely stepped back and watched as the natural laws of gravity produced the very effect necessary to engineer its own birth. creation was born at that precise moment, and I might add, an ability for God to arrive in to the universe.

From a diamond nothingness, that contains no electrons, which cannot be measured, simply provided by its own ability, with a little help from its neighbour, its creation. During that production time, which we might term, a silent scream, every microscopic piece of material in the universe moved to a point directly central to the peripheral walls.

At this stage, a perfect ubiquity would have been created and a process to generate the universe as we observe it today. But what we must also remember, is as a hot, early, fusion/infusion division took place, energy, that contemporary of mass would have moved logically in the opposite direction.

And that means its temperature must have increased with its separation. If that is what actually did happened, then a reason for a hot early universe becomes much more probable with a fusion/infusion principle, rather than a Big Bang singularity.

The new concept, which we termed colloquially a, silent scream, would insist all energy at that point, because of its extreme temperature convert to radioactive background material. However, it must be understood that with a central denomination of all universal mass, which produces a strong seat of gravity, all waves must emit from a precise point. But besides that, not only will waves emit from that location, but all elementary waves carrying their contributory components must originally assemble there too.

This might allow us to speculate that what science is hearing from its equipment, is not the last remaining echoes of a Big Bang singularity, but a more solid reverberation of sound from all universal events. We might like to consider it as the most intense black hole. A black hole so powerful, everything in the universe has already been swallowed, but once everything enters the said universal black hole, the uuniverse itself stops turning, gravity is lost, and so all material is slowly released to return whence it came.

And so, how do we get these waves?

If we imagine, under our new induction for universal theory we created a mechanism to produce a centre for all universal mass to consolidate, we must also assume residual energy is left to permeate the dimensional universe itself, is no longer arbitrary. In fact we have created a perfectly balanced structure where one element perfectly reflects the other. This is achieved by motion. With a central weight of heavy Neutron mass turning, a secondary alternative production of energy must keep a relative parity: We term this balanced forces: A system to ensure there is an equal distribution of both contributory bodies when in motion, and retain the weight equally for that duration.

For a more obvious example, you might like to imagine a set of scales. If we place a bag of sugar of equal weight on either end, we could strike a respective parity, and say at that moment they balance: If however we increased the density one end and placed a second bag on our scales, no doubt the balance would be upset and a disparity emerge.

If we then assume we had no more bags, and absolutely no way of distributing the weight equally by splitting the bags, how might we once again achieve a reflective weight equality? To return to a structured parity we would set our scales in motion: We spin them.

As we employ this technique our scales gather momentum and distribution is forced equally along the bar of the scales when a correct velocity is reached. At that moment we might term the event as, balanced forces. Therefore we have to view the universe, for this period, like a set of universal scales in motion that must always retain an parity.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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