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Nothingness found.

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matter in the universe.
the hunt for matter in the universe is on.

If all universal matter shifted to a central location - surrounding energy itself would contain relatively little, if no atomic weight. But as the central position of the universe is infinitely dense, the chances of a universe gathering motion are negligible. Yet a strange event would then occur.

Once all universal matter has consolidated, and the last productive particle located to the point of the universe, matter would no longer be construed as mass: A body measured by its resistance to acceleration, simply because it would no longer be in motion: Thus it would be weightless. Once this event has finalised, as all matter centralised and left only residual energy, we would obtain a universe of infinite weightlessness. From then on, matter would start to dissipate. From a central cortex it would drift back to whence it came from. And suddenly, a chain reaction will commence: Super heavy Neutrons will espouse with protons, positively charged particles accounting for roughly half the nucleus of an atom.

These would supernova into tiny, baby galaxies, probably of acute density once they instinctively distance themselves from that central point.

But as they increase their volume of mass, once in motion, our central core will also, once again try to employ balanced forces to counter-act the initial action. This would operate like a tug-of-war, where one side constantly pulls the other side, and vice-versa.

And so, what we get is new universal mass in an ether struggling to pull more matter away from the structural central core, that insists on collapsing back each time under its own productive weight.

And it's this constant to-and-froing that will create a pump action. It would simply work like a valve application; as it constantly opens and closes. And the constant motion each time will produce a wave movement that will inevitably produce, over a long period of time what we might like to call, a universal heart; and if we were to apply specific criteria at this juncture to lock in a prediction, we would say we need to find a pulse out there somewhere, with a steady, consistent beat. But whether this beat will be slow, fast, rapid or over a period of time - one beat per hundred years, or tens or thousands of years is anyone's guess. It might produce a very rapid beat every few seconds, or a methodical beat just once in a life time. And that could prove difficult for us to locate it.

But personally, I think it would be a rapid beat, because of an accumulatory effect. The signal increases over time.

And so, why is a nothingness theory better then?

Most of the reasons why I applied a nothingness to open our universe, became obvious the moment we viewed them. Principle amongst them was an ability to create cause and effect, which we suggested to be so important in universal production.

This from a scientific point, allowed us to introduce reasons why a universe might come in to being, rather than dealing in ambiguous rhetoric. We showed how a diamond substance with zero electron value does not apply to the laws of physics, therefore, technically it does not exist, even though it is still there.

We showed how one universe can produce the desired effect, by heat expansion, to create another universe. As it opened, heat caused expansion. It cools which allows contraction. At that definitive moment, from another region of nothingness, a new universe is born. We gave it a dimensional framework, that of the two weakest points of its distance. And this allowed all universal mass to centralise.

That centralization creates time. However long it took to centrally compose, will be how long it naturally takes to decompose.

This also permits us to have, and we will discuss this in more detail later, an Einsteinian seat of general relativity, big gravity that controls big events like the whole universe.

But by displaying an ability to allow this consolidation period to decay as discrete quanta, we provided ourselves with a possibility to allow Planck's quantum theory to be endorsed: Small gravity controlling motion in small amounts. We call this action from a reaction, quantum gravity: All big gravity controlled from a strategical central point, but allowed to decay as discrete quanta.

We also showed how a wave motion can be introduced to permit all elementary waves that permeate the universe, to become recognisable.

But most important of all, the nothingness itself signalled, for those of a religious persuasion, God's arrival. Our bible, through thousands of years of teaching has predicted this event happening. And although we are not saying it conclusively happened this way, we are showing how it is possible to allow it.

At that point, we need to understand that this theoretical evaluation also permits a stead-state theory to continue: The universe doesn't particularly expand but matter within does. It remains constant over time. In other words, that central bank of heavy Neutrons distributes its particles with a steady application, rather than one almighty, Big Bang!

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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