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God The Lord Almighty.

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God creator.
God was the creator of our mighty universe, or so they say.

No one was more shocked than us when we discovered how God could enter the universe and show science wrong in their...

The Oxford Concise Dictionary, defines God  as a: Super human being regarded and worshipped as having power over nature and human affairs. But perhaps for us, God  might offer a more arbitrary role. Maybe God  should be viewed more as a guiding light, that unseen God which directs us in those desperate hours of need.

We should assume God  to be the most speculated about God  ever to manifest himself, or not, as some might say.

Just that small, often contentious word God has laid all kinds of hope, sadness and consternation at humanity's door. God The Lord Almighty, appears to fight on all sides in all wars. God is the cause of most of them if our history books are to be believed. God  creates more hatred, apartheid and separation than any other icon, and deserts us when we most need him.

And so God  a cruel trickster then, a God  who obtains some perverse satisfaction from our suffering, or a misunderstood God  whose characteristic is specifically designed to shape us, point us in the right direction, as we might with our own children and hope for the best?

And unless anyone has a direct line to God  and can pose them difficult questions to him, I doubt very much we will ever know the real reason or truth surrounding God  illusive character.

However, if our bible is accurate in its assumption about the nothingness, that substance we described in the previous chapter as a carbon, then it might also be right about man being created in God  image! But unlikely. Unless, God  has the same emotional feeling as us, rather than the more obvious bodily feature.

But regardless of his, or her make-up, what we do know, is a section of our community has an unerring appetite to understand more of God  place within both the universe - and our hearts. And it's profoundly wrong for science to keep trying to deminish that status simply to appease their own ego. Sometimes it makes you wonder whether they're trying to replace God 

We insisted earlier on, that everything that happens does so for a reason. There is no one defining time, where someone can say, a certain event didn't take place, unless it did so for a reason. And if they could, I'd be interested to hear about it.

And if this is true, and man was created in God  image, could we not deduce that not to be a characteristic sense, but more an indefatigable approach to God  fundamental needs and desires? If we assume this to be more conducive with the way humans think, might we not at that point produce a God  entity for specific reasons, rather than just place it amongst us to satisfy our own personal needs?

It would appear easy on first assumption, to define God  as a universal God , who systematically produced our species for our own benefit, as a lot of suggestion appears to state.

The clergy, and I do not have anything against clerics, before anyone chooses to castigate me, might have overlooked a few fundamental factors in their assessment of God  We are taught about God  purely from a position of proverbial carrots and sticks. If we worship God we will be rewarded, if we don't worship God then we will be punished.

From an ecumenical perspective though, this seems to benefit the church, mankind and its desires more than it does God  After all, we may ask, what's in it for God 

You might argue the point, that God  seeks to be worshipped, to have hundreds of millions of people down of their knees offering up prayers for their own salvation. But before we even consider such acts, we have to analyse the reasons more closely. If we scrutinize such belief, we see our own instinctive attributes seeping towards the surface. We see a system where mankind desires something, and naturally believes a few prayers will motivate a reward, and assume God  does the same. Mankind created in God  image, or God  created in mankind's image?

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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