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Vacuum in the universe.

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universe vacuum.
the universe is a vacuum.

Indeed, it appears mankind has turned his God and religion into a commodity to be bartered at every opportunity. If we are not offered riches, then churches empty, people stop preying and a lot refuse to believe. But is this really how God would have intended it to be, each individual with his, or her own personal hedonistic shopping list, buying favours with a few prayers?

Maybe we should momentarily digress and look back to what we said a moment ago, and explore that policy of reason: 'God desiring prayers'.

To say all God would desire would-be prayers, would make God a very pretentious master indeed. Even the most arrogant human being would soon get sick and tired of constant worship, let alone an enitity vastly superior. In other words, it might be fun to start with, and then bore the recipiant rigid at an alarming rate.

How would you feel if every time you passed someone in the street they fell to their knees, and worshipped the very ground you stood on? How long before you told them to get up off their knees and do something more productive; a day? a week maybe? But most certainly no more than a month, because the exercise would be puerile. Yet, if we imagine the complexity that must automatically enter the equation when we discuss universal construction, even from a limited plan, where we might not be looking at the building of an entire universe, but more a small region based on a more preset blue-print, we may not be discussing a God singular, but more Gods plural: A specific set of different entities capable of determining their own individual dimension, with an ability to shape each section to their own design.

So they might be dimensional Gods?

It's always possible, a sense of regional arbitration could have taken place as creation happened. If during an initial reaction, when the universe capitulated to a strong sense of shift, which moved to accommodate division, theoretically more than one God may have come into being.

We are explicitly warned of the forces of darkness in the bible, and so again, we might ask ourselves why: Why would anyone wish to term an event or entity with such a soul defining title, forces of darkness unless of course we were being forewarned by the aforementioned.

Already Cosmologists have discovered, in the very fabric of space, a strange substance known as dark matter. And I'm afraid I cannot give you a more obvious description, as no one at this juncture in time really knows what it is! And that in itself should scare even the most ardent sceptic.

But although I show here a loose, biblical association, I'm not for one minute saying both are inextricably linked. God and the Devil. It would be wrong to assume that, as there is no supporting evidence or comprehensive recognition: Its pure conjecture.

But what I do say, is sometimes life throws-up anomalies - and we need to investigate.

So far in this book, we have seen the bible predict a nothingness. This we traced back to a carbon compound, that contained zero electron value, before a fusion/infusion principle was endorsed; and now we start to see forces of darkness appear, albeit subjectively on the horizon. And later, we will show how the meek shall inherit the Earth with Darwinian evolution.

But with such prophesies, can come supporting evidence. We could begin to question the potency of bible association, and say it really is remarkable indeed, that such close proximity recognition could be espoused.

But we won't.

The reason is, no matter how close an affiliation is with historical teaching, there can be no direct association. We could try, as so many do, to form a cohesive strategy and fudge the details. But we won't do that either. I think we'll stick more to our belief, that this is a strange coincidence, and deal more with a probable, theoretical analysis.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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