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God creator of the universe.

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God creator.
God creator of our universe.

We were given a set of specific rules to live by, yet changed them to satisfy our own depravity. We retreated clumsily from every element of decency and sought salvation, usually with a bottle or drugs; and now we embark on some of the final acts of madness by destroying the ether of our faith for prurient means.

Whether God is a universal policeman protecting our own small region of space will always be speculative. To a secular scientific world it would be laughable; to a religious community open to debate, and to the rest of us, those of us who view things with an ambivalence, a policy of cautious appraisal.

But what we can naturally assume, is if we deliberately stand and turn our backs on God, our God will, in our hour of need possibly turn his back on us.

When science is involved, there is always a possibility the pendulum has swung too far in one direction, maybe the wrong direction. And while I wouldn't deride sciences' contribution for one moment, there does seem an element of arrogance, almost superiority, that's crept in from a scientific direction.

If God(s) do have ambitions and desires on other regions of the universe, which we cannot possibly know, we had better hope our one last great opportunity to protect ourselves is left in place. Because, if we facilitate and allow more spurious doctrines to emerge, we have no one to blame accept ourselves.

And although God might willingly protect us, sometimes from our own folly, this is not a situation that can continue. We need to show, especially from a scientific genre, that we don't seek to replace God in the order of things. And with the progressional advancement of scientific product, and with us knowing very little of the governing forces that surround us, how do we not know that we are not simply being manipulated by outside forces, or spurious entities that have invaded our own psyche?

Again, the answer is, we don't.

The best any scientist can do, is speculate. And that old adage, about being given a mind to think might be very true; it might even be fundamental. And like most individuals I would not willingly wish to give up my basic human right of freedom of thought. However, if we assume God has an influence over these thoughts, ideas and aspirations, what we might call our conscience, then why shouldn't a slow invasion of other, by other more hostile dark forces of evil have an influence too!

Maybe we are openly susceptible to a devious, stealth like perversion. Do we really know who controls the mind of Hollywood producers, TV executives, media barons and politicians?

Of course we don't.

We do not fully understand what happens in their minds, or what influences them, just as they do not understand ours. There could be a whole litany of destructive forces and entities just slowly poisoning them, with one ambition in tow, that to control our world: To turn it from a decent, moral society, into a depraved, sick wasteland, constantly eating away at itself from its own lack of moral fibre.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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