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God and the ten commandments.

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ten commandments to Moses.
God handed ten commandments to Moses.

God, provided us with a set of laws, ten commandments, very basic on first assumption, but very complex in their entirety, although gestated with a simplicity that couldn't be misunderstood. These were known to us as the Ten commandments, handed down to Moses on the mount and expected to be followed by us.

They were God's laws, and we expected God alone to police them. If we failed to abide by these rules, we assumed retribution on judgement day, and that we willingly accepted.

So, what went wrong with God's law?

Mankind, was offered an alternative set of rules, funded with no moral integrity or decency: Mankind, no longer paid heed to those biblical texts and pursued a more selfish ambition.

Mankind, was offered power - and blindly sought to bathe in it.

When the Devil offered certain individuals a corrupt cup of poison to drink from, some reached for that cup willingly. And those glutonous individuals where given a free reign at the moral destruction of society. A few, well placed people egged on by other wanton non-entities from the periphery then subjected a decent Christian population to an indulgence of rampant moral indignation.

And still to this day, they promote self depravity through every access area possible: They offer perverted teaching in schools and colleges. They try desperately to control the internet, cinema, TV, the newspapers and magazines and attach incredulous soundbites: "It's normal!" they tell us.

Is a society constantly tearing itself apart normal? Is poverty for the many normal? Is subjecting peoples' children to rampant homosexual diseases normal? Is mother's daughters selling their body from a street corner normal? or a father's son lying drunk and useless in the gutter, NORMAL? You tell me!

That we see is what went wrong; we mistakenly trusted those with power, those who still to this day convey an atrocious behaviour as the norm; that is what went wrong. We trusted man to decide man's future and never realised he simply wasn't up to the job.

So what is normal?, and more importantly how do we put it right?

Maybe mankind can never put it right, but we can discuss briefly how we should make a start. But there are fundamentals of decency we need to understand.

If decency is to vanquish those selfish, homogenous traits, inflicted on the many by the few are to be stopped, turned and then rolled back, we must endeavour always to decipher the difference between right and wrong, not simply follow prerehearsed soundbites. For although the soundbite raises the profile, usually for celebrity status, it does little for the many who suffer the resulting indignity.

We have to understand, even though it might be unpalatable to certain self appointed pressure groups, that rules laid down under biblical text were more democratic in their approach than so called legislation from a parliamentary process.

When theologian teaching is translated, it usually encompasses everyone, and does not favour the few. There is no discrimination or segregation.

But sometimes individuals have to be flexible. It is for the minority to convince the majority of their contribution towards the greater good of humanity and God, not corrupt it with individual, selfish advancement.

We instinctively know in our hearts what is normal, simply because that foundation has already been laid.

We asked a few moments ago, "why do we feel what we feel"? and suggested there is no real, logical answer to describe it. But it is, nonetheless a self imposed acceptance we accept with birth. It comes from a pattern installed inside us all to justify our own existence within the fabric of a wider, universal body.

Homosexuals, know instinctively, homosexuality is not normal, that is why they euphemistically term it "Gay." We know prostitution is not normal. How can it be normal for anyone to have to sell their body to satisfy another's perversion?

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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