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The universe and God.

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The universe.
The universe may contain a God hidden out there after all.

Firstly, we have to assume our scientific friends would need to endorse a strategic belief in God and the ten commandments. And they wouldn't be easily convinced. A more productive approach would come from lobbyists coercing respective members of legislatory bodies to insist on a theologian application of advancement, after all, as it is the tax payer who picks up the bill at the end of the day for Telescopes and space programmes, why shouldn't the tax payer have a few of their own desires fulfilled?

I think personally, if ever this did take place, it would more likely than not come from the States. In the US they are not quite so hostile to new avenues of adventure as we are in Europe. We have lost, as quoted by George Bernard Shaw, in the initial pages of this work that ability of wisdom, most desire, yet all are too scared to handle.

But let's suppose for one moment, a project has been earmarked for production, a touch like the SETI Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence programme. What would we be looking for out there in that vast expanse and enormity of space?

We suggested it would be either mass or energy. Both of these commodites should be detectable with a large radio telescope or large array of radio telescopes. We would need to preset a programme and sweep the universal skies with a strong commitment and diligent application. But even then, I don't think we would find God over night, perhaps not even in the near future, but that shouldn't deter us from pursuing logical goals.

We could even make it an international project. After all, if we in the UK can spend three-quarters of a billion US dollars on a giant mushroom, called The Dome, then why not a few hundred million in a quest for the greatest audience ever granted.

But I'm affraid science would suggest at this point, they have far more productive things to spend money on, if there is to be cosmological research undertaken. And they could be right. But for me I think not. It might sound initially an idle curiosity to search the heavens for something that might turn out to be no more than an ambivalent dream. But if a productive search was set in motion, and brought forward to a strong conclusion, what benefits might we gain from it?

Firstly we have to admit planet Earth is falling apart around our ears, we are on burnout and heading towards a planetary nervous breakdown at a million miles per hour. We appear, on first assumption to have lost direction, employed drift and are reaching blindly for an emotional crutch that might help us from one day to the next. We are rapidly, once again, progressing towards them bonfires of insanity we've seen rack our world throughout history.

All the promises, and false hope touted about has once again vanished in a puff of political smoke. And what we need is a sense of cohesion, moral recognition and affinity with other human beings. We need to set ourselves some goals, and if necessary reach for the stars. But unfortunately man cannot do that alone, his mere status on planet Earth as an individual or group is neither strong enough or intelligent enough to plan for the bigger picture. We need guidance from a higher, moral authority. But only if we believe strongly enough, and ask salvation, might the benefits be embounded.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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