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Universe not to be expanding.

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For this to work, we have to use our imaginations somewhat: We have to now create an apartheid between us and the universe itself: We will continue to support special relativity for us and elementary laws on universal theories. That is, as long as gravity applies to us, or any other body of matter, time can have definitive rudiments that allow its elasticity. For our universe though, what I intend to do is broach, and then breach the natural laws of physics, and perception as we imagine it, and move more candidly in to the power George Bernard Shaw called wisdom.

What I wish to do at this point, is show not only the universe not to be expanding, the period in which light reaches us wrong, but also, with a touch of heresy, the stars we see each night are not actually stars at all: But are exertion points of force. And I say this is heresy, because to even suggest a star is not a star, is tantamount to madness, or at least it would-be for most people. But before I'm castigated by the great and good, and some who are not so great and not so good, remember one thing, in space astronauts do not see stars at all. We might even call this the duplicitous application of time: One law for us, one for the universe. But let us bear in mind, these actions take place for a very good reason; so we might all be treated equal.

No doubt most of you would have heard, via your television or magazines, scientists talking openly about how it takes light a specific amount of time to reach us here on earth. They categorize this in light weeks, months and years: The distance light travels in that period. And while we will not particularly contest this view, we must ask ourselves, if light is actually travelling towards us from another star, or an exertion of force we just mentioned? And there is a very good reason to ask this question.

The simple reason for posing this difficult, but crucial question is, based around how we measure the universe. Science suggests our universe to be constantly expanding, we witness stars gradually distancing themselves from our position equidistantly. Science tells us this proves our universe to be conclusively expanding. And this progressional retreat of stars is known simply as, The Hubble constant: Our universe constantly expands and shows Galaxies moving father apart from each other. And this in itself really dismisses a steady-state theory, if espoused with a Big Bang singularity. But if we can show light not being emitted from a star but travelling towards it, two directions simultaneous, from a central exertion point of force, then not only will we conclude time does not exist, but also space time, spacetime curvature, fourth dimensional spacetime and the Hubble constant are conclusively wrong.

But to achieve such an astounding piece of theoretical physics, we must first ask ourselves what this exertion of force is?, and explain it simply.

An exertion of force, is a point between two bodies of mass, in this case two stars. If we say light first appears at this point, light would then travel to both stars simultaneously. Therefore, if two people stood round either star, they would both witness the same event together. There would be no time disparity, and thus each individual would conclude no different time from the other individual's time, regardless of distance between them. Both observers, as we might call them, witness the same event together, because of gravitational influence. With each body, both observers stand on, producing an individual body of mass, they distribute their universal force at a point equivalent to them both.

This point must be an imaginary central point, and thus, the appearance of starlight is merely a fictitious event. It only seems to be an impression of a real event, because the waves which permeate between both bodies of mass have decided this point is the strongest point of force between the two.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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