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Universal theories on light.

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Once we achieve the ability to breach the velocity of light, universal transport is not only possible, but becomes more likely than not, probable. However, science would treat the theory with a large pinch of salt, which means it becomes vital for us to raise a few eyebrows and lock in a definitive prediction to validate what we say. By creating a universal, or universal theories on light transmission via a mass volume level, we show we could use Newtonian law to produce elementary movement of the exertion point of force: (that pin-prick of light we witness as a star.)

But moreover than this, if any individual body of mass can move the image of light we witness as a star, then we must conclude when using a radio telescope to measure the event, its sums have already been accounted for. This will allow us a plausible reason why we cannot use a Doppler effect to show other Planets in orbit around other stars. (And I do know some universities insist they have found up to fifteen Planets already, but if you look closely at the rotation in conjunction to the relative star's volume of mass, you will see they are primordial planet's, more likely than not large Gas giants whose mass produces the same effect as the star itself.) A true planet, one similar to our own, would be difficult to detec because its volume of mass, over a long distance would be incredibly weak.

The reason why this signal shouldn't appear by standard Doppler measurement is we are merely measuring that exertion of force we spoke of; a brokerage of light with no mass whatsoever. But if we were to show our theory correct, we could still use a Doppler measurement to prove it.

What we need to look for, is rather than a primary equation: (An emission of light already visible as a star,) but choose a secondary equation: (The rise and fall of starlight during an eclipse in another solar system.)

If starlight is produced as an holographical image, and can be determined by a volume of mass, then during an eclipse this will produce a higher level of force, and thus starlight must relocate in the sky. Once that happens we should witness light lift, until the Moon passes from behond the planet, and then light will fall back to its original position. This will then tell us every star might have mature Planets located around it; but we fail to see them during elliptical movement, as stars themselves, create a mirrored ellipse between any two bodies of mass. And if this was the case, then over a long duration we should be able to accurately predict a saros: (A positive prediction of when an eclipse will take place on a specific date, reflective of the same prior date measured over a sustainable period in history.) At that point the theory wouldn't even be questioned. It would become absolute.

There is an equation to go with this, but I'm reliably told publishers extract them as they might scare people. If you don't see the equation here you know my source was right, if it is still in, then I'm publishing this work via the web. God bless the web!

The equation reads: X=C3. The strongest exertion of force, between any two bodies of mass, equals C the constant cubed.

And really it was essential to include that small equation, because it offers a much stronger validity to our theorem. Without it, people would call the idea speculative. But now we've provided a sense of identification, to validate the theory, on universal terms, it makes it much more difficult to just ignore it. But I guess they still will.

As we have now rewritten special relativity, we must ask ourselves what this will allow us to achieve? Whether the prospect of the new theory is merely significant or insignificant?

The crux of the problem is, before we achieved this monumentous task, spaceships and extra-terrestrial life could not make the long hazardous journey to planet earth; there simply was no possibility of the event ever happening. But as so many people, 164 million at the last count, claim to have witnessed such strange phenomenon which surrounds ufos, that couldn't possibly happen before our rewrite, we have to understand, that not only will this rewrite allow alien species to come here, but perhaps more importantly, it will allow us to visit them one day in the distant future.

Simply by changing the emission and transmission velocities of light, we have made the impossible, possible. We removed time. We never sought to cloud the issue by dealing in ambiguities or uncertainty. We never hid from meeting the most difficult challenge in science, placing in a prediction and an equation, nor did we seek to hide from what people have seen, or deal in preconceived theory from the past.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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