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Point a telescope skywards at the stars.

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In this short work, we approached the subject matter practically from a logical direction, and offered science the ultimate challenge ourselves, the opportunity to prove us either right or wrong by using large radio Telescopes to measure the event. All they have to do is point a telescope skywards at the stars and wait for a natural event in another solar system.

But will they accept the challenge?

That is something only the scientific community can answer. We could speculate on their response, and maybe try to anticipate their reaction, which initially will be hostile. Because any book that claims to have rewritten special relativity will initially be derided. There will be lots of nasty name calling before any type of evaluation is made. And this I'm afraid, is the nature of the beast.

We have shown how science can prove the theory right or wrong, simply by positioning and then pointing a radio telescope at the stars. And they might not even need to do that.

If they have pen-traces: previous recordings from their telescopes, then by quickly trawling their way through these measurments they might be able to locate an associated reading from the past.

This possible reading would show-up as a single glitch, and might have been previously dismissed or overlooked, because the register wasn't constant. But we have to remember at this point, as the event we would expect them to search for will be no more than a single movement, at any given time, only one anomaly will be recorded. And as the event will happen very seldom, there is no good reason why anyone should have been drawn to it in the past. It could have been logged as a self correcting fault in the telescope itself.

Unfortunately for us though, there is another reason why the scientific community might refuse to measure the prediction, or simply hide it if detected.

I know I should try, where possible, to stay away from conspiracy theories, but as there seems to be ever surmounting evidence they do take place, we have to ask, whether governments would really allow science to disclose such a profound event? Could they be trusted and relied upon to offer the truth?!

If we understand, America panicked when Orson Wells' transmission of 'war of the world's' was broadcast by radio, I think it might be fair to ask if they would permit the general public an insight into the arrival of the ships? And I know that might sound a touch paranoid, but we do have to look at it from their perspective just momentarily.

Ever since that fateful night many years ago, when that delicate subject of UFO identification and arrival was broached, during world war 2, there has been endemic denial of alien activity. And we will discuss that matter more fully, later on in our chapter dedicated to UFO phenomenon. But for the time being, we'll deal with governments' refusal to accept these events.

As I was saying, and to reiterate, if we look at the argument from their point of view, we could convince ourselves, there must naturally be a deep seated impotence that sets in.

What could they do if planet Earth was attacked by spaceships tomorrow? Nothing! If an Alien race told world governments to surrender, they would have no choice, except to surrender. And for all governments, that must be a very frightening prospect.

Therefore, as long as government can claim, by using special relativity the event not possible, the people remain at ease. And for that reason, government might consider it in their political interest to cloak science in a veil of secrecy, refuse to fund further projects if their secret is revealed - or simply sack people, destroy their careers or hound them for the rest of their lives.

I did say, that perhaps it's just me being paranoid, which I doubt. We all know how western governments indulge a culture of secrecy, hide things from us, usually until it's too late, and then expect us to clear-up their mess. And I would imagine this will be no different. If a rise and fall of star light does take place, as predicted by this theory, everything on our world, and in science, the velocity of light, time and our perception of ufology has to change.

We could envisage a whole new set of beliefs: Ufologist may at last be taken seriously, as government could no longer dismiss individuals as cranks, and our entire future might need to be reassessed. Our whole existence may just be in doubt. We are, at this juncture in time, a defenceless planet, drifting aimlessly around an ordinary star, waiting our fate. Whether or not we survive the future is very much dependant on how we apply the present. And to simply ignore what we say here, may literally signal the demise of us all. But only time will tell. Maybe we shall sign our own death warrant, with the signature of our own ignorance. We might even say, for us earthlings, time, is running out!

So how do we convince sceptical people and science?

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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