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Universe itself.

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Nasa has already despatched probes like Voyager, off into the universe, complete with identification maps of us, our address and capabilities. And because of this monumental act of folly, we can only hope any alien species that comes in to contact with the said probe doesn't mistake it for a menu!

As you read this, our own denial of alien existence might have permitted an alien species the luxury of formulating plans against us. As we speak, an invasion fleet could already be on its way, or maybe, as H.G. Wells wrote:

"Maybe they just scrutinise us, as we scrutinise insects - that swarm and multiply in a drop of water beneath a microscope."

We said so far, there are about 164 million people who have claimed to see some kind of UFO activity of the first, second or third kind. And I would imagine if that is how many have reported seeing them said events, at least twice that many again will have not reported strange experiences through fear of derision.

Or maybe what they see is no more than a candid vision of our future, or an intrusive vision of our past, just like when individuals see a ghost and believe it the image of a dead person. Maybe these events are merely impressions of time, or what we promised in our introduction, time windows.

Therefore we must ask, is that an ability to see our past and future?

And rspond by saying, in a way yes, but simultaneously it also means no. The basic reasoning behind this theory is, we worked on a belief time can run parallel with each other. We suggested two lots of time, or more arguably one amount of time as we understand it, and one amount of non time.

Time, for us would be that proverbial ticking clock on the wall, slowly extracting every once of mockery until our finite demise. Everything would be the same, planets, stars, Galaxies and even the universe itself, with a slight exception. That is, two observers not being able to witness an event at any different time to any other. Or (all points in the universe are equal to all other points at all time).

The principle of special relativity perceives time like a following river. Imagine if both you and I stood on a river bank, a mile apart and watched a big orange ball come floating along. Depending on which direction the river flowed in, one of us would see the event before the other. And so, if the big orange ball drifted past you at say 2pm, you could stop your watch and log that as an event. But if I was a mile further down the river bank, and the big orange ball did not pass me until 2:30pm, then I would log the event as happening thirty minutes after you.

If we then compared notes, we would see time, has discriminated between us by thirty minutes. Therefore two observers might witness the same event at a different time in its own history. If we then imagine that on universal terms, we do not see a thirty minute delay, but light years, depending on how far light has actually travelled during any duration we can see the casam that opens up before us. A thirty minute delay here on Earth means very little, but across the universe, looking back to the very kindling of creation, we see an entire tunnel

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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