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Fourth dimensional space time.

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of time, logging each event as they came into being. These events are what make-up fourth dimensional spacetime. Time, of course being the fourth dimension!

But let us change the theory a touch, and apply our own belief, that of light moving two directions simultaneous between two bodies of mass stars from a central point of force.

But to achieve this, we come back to something much more easily identifiable in our own minds. Another thought experiment.

Rather than just imagine the river flowing, with you and I at different points along the river bank, imagine a large circular lake.

It now makes no difference wherever you or I stand. If two orange balls are released from a central point in the lake, and they drift equally outwards towards us both, then we will both log the identification of each of these objects at precisely the same time.

If we both stopped our watches simultaneous, and then we compare notes on the time, we will find our watches are identical.

I think the flaw with Einstein's work, special relativity, is it only perceived starlight as coming from a star and moving in one direction. But as we showed earlier, with Newton's second and third laws, if we make that point where starlight breaks, central to any two stars and allow light, because of its waves to move two directions, we would concur there is no such thing as universal time, space time, spacetime curvature or fourth dimensional space time.

And that means, there never can be a yesterday or tomorrow because everywhere in the universe always has to be today.

If we then apply this theoretical analogy, to what we see, in the shape of ghosts, we understand that if everywhere is always today, and all visible light travels as gravity rather than existing elementary waves, such as light, then we could conclude, an image of a person from the past is merely a higher volume of mass brought back into being.

And I do understand the theory is a bit complex to work out, but please continue. To indulge more candidly with the explanation, we have to employ the nothingness theory as well.

We said, rather than a Big Bang singularity, we would introduce mankind to a fusion/infusion policy: (As energy raced away all universal matter/mass centralised.) Basically, that means, as a ball of energy raced away through a diamond fabric, all Neutron particle mass consolidated to the exact centre of the known universe.

And at that jucture in time, it could not explode, because it contained absolutely no energy. Therefore it would have had unwind. But if this is the case, it must have naturally registered its identification while consolidating.

We could assume, from that belief, a universal blueprint must already be in existence. And for easy recognition, you might like to think of it like a video tape. It makes no difference if you slot the video in the recorder and press play, fast-forwards, rewind or stop! Wherever you halt the tape, the clock will read a certain time. If you then play the cassette again, and stop at that precise time, the clock will always read the same time, play the same segment and show the same image.

If our universe composed itself in a fusion/infusion movement, and is now unwinding itself, then we could determine at every precise location the data is already preset. Our future is there simply waiting to happen, just as our past never disappears, but merely evaporates with its universal fingerprint still left in tact.

And if we asked why this might happen, we could probably deduce it is only because the velocity at any given time in its history is not moving at the correct speed for us to witness it. We might term this: acceleration and weight are relative to time and motion, and time itself is not relative at all. Only the speed of an object turning determines its identity.

If we then argue, that due to light, moving two ways simultaneous, which showed us that if two bodies of mass are equal, it moves from an exact central point, but

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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