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Other Intelligent life in the Universe.

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redetermines its position if one body of mass increases, we suggested light waves and all waves must move as gravity waves. You might like to think of it like a Mexican wave in a football stadium; each person stands-up, and then sits back down, but because they each slightly oscillate at different periods in their own history, it offers an impression there is an entire body of transferable movement, when in fact the only thing to move is an impression of transferable movement.

If gravity then applies the same logic, we could assume what we see is an elementary movement of gravity itself. And if all standard waves, became gravitational waves, then natural waves of gravity should theoretically permeate our planet, and universe beyond as a whole. Add on to the theory, time does not exist, and the past merely decays, and the future is already there just not moving at the correct speed to make it visible, then these gravity waves should be able to either advance or slow standard particles in their own time frame.

You could imagine it like walking in a nice new pair of springy trainers, with the wind behind you, or trying to struggle down the road in a pair of heavy leadboots with the wind in your face.

If we were to visualise a strong gravity wave passing over any specific area, at that precise moment, then the particles: Atoms could literally increase their density. And if they did, then theoretically, the volume of mass would increase and an object become visible.

If we understand that a universe is a preset entity, only visible to our eyesight at given times when the volume of mass permits, we might deduce ghosts are not actually ghosts as we determine them, but are simply impressions in the fabric of time, as its gravitational levels change.

And the same analogy might be true of UFO phenomenon; but I wish to tackle that, and visitors in time, in another chapter. But what we will conclude from this chapter, in summary, is that time is not as simple as we might have first thought.

We have shown from the transmission of light, we can cancel time altogether, yet still apply it in other directions. We showed how everywhere in our universe can be today, and their be no such thing as tomorrow or yesterday. We made it possible by cancelling time for UFOs to cross the universe with a theory to show light not a constant in a vacuum.

And that was the most important part of this chapter, as we applied specific predictions for science to measure the concept. We achieved something together, an ability to rewrite special relativity, a concept clung desperately to for nearly a hundred years.

But more importantly, we truly showed with this astounding proposition, that it is us that truly are the masters of time, and not time itself.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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