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Understand the delicate nature of the universe.

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I thought before we delve more rigorously into other chapters, we should first explore more fully a highly illusive, and much sought after substance, Quantum Gravity, something science has been searching for some time.

And although it might seem a fairly unfamiliar name: Quantum gravity, and to most people, especially those who might not completely understand the delicate nature of the universe, an insignificant name, to talk openly about the universe, and not apply this substance within the conversation, is akin to discussing a car and not inquiring to its engine or wheels. In essence, quatum gravity will, for us, be the fundamental motor which actually drives our newly formed universe.

Earlier, we discussed a Big Bang singularity, and found it failed us at every opportunity: We couldn't decide what made all the universal matter locate where it did in the first place, there seemed no reasonable explanation to suggest what might have made it explode when it did, nor was there a logical explanation to justify its expansion during the inflation period, into an already existing universe. And to be perfectly honest, the deeper we progress with this work, the more hostile I become towards a Big Bang singularity.

However, we did continue to look for more practicle solutions, and through our own diligent application, we discovered an hermaphrodite neutation: Which was basically carbon, probably a form of diamond. We said this should be symbolic of a nothingness as it contained zero electron value: If you tried to measure the carbon substance with an electrical current, you would not be able to, as there are no electrons present to conduct the relevant electrical flow, therefore it can not be measured, and so, it can only be construed as not being there, even though it still exists.

From that belief, we made it possible to allow one universe, with a heat expansion to create cause/effect on another part of our vitrescent, diamond, carbon nothingness. As that other region, what we term, a first universe, opened, it would have expanded in a burning radiation fusion. A hot early soup of such infinite heat other parts of our newly found nothingness could do little else, except capitulate to a tremendous pressure once exerted.

As the pressure would have been applied, a fracture in the diamond substance would have naturally occurred. But as the first newly created universe began to cool, and contract, the fracture line in the second part of the diamond, carbon fracture would have recognised the difference.

At that point its atomic components would literally race to opposite ends of the universal spectrum: energy would have rippled away in a thermo-radiation of pure hot energy, as simultaneous, matter/mass would have imploded to create an infinitely dense point at the exact centre of the universe.

And the infinitely small point must have been precisely central, with no room for error, because surrounding energy would apply with an ubiquity. Just like the trigger of a nuclear bomb that implodes rather than explodes.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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