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Stellar activity at the centre of the universe.

If we cannot include that initial centre of gravity, with a cohesive and solid structure, we witness a universe that has no logical law of determination. It would be like a country without government, a society without laws or a ship without a captain. We would endorse a system of anarchy, chaos and confusion.

And so, we have to have universal order for the universe to exist!

It becomes essential in organisation. If we refer to our own theory momentarily, where we exchanged a Big Bang singularity for a fusion/infusion policy: To liquify by heat energy and syphon from it mass, so energy races away through a defined diamond nothingness, but simultaneously allows all universal mass to centralize, we see how we can stabilize universal gravity in a profound structure of consolidation. What we termed an engine to drive the universe.

We might even call it a system of order, where all universal laws obey a central command structure. We allowed a principle of government - and showed with one easy explanation, how a universal theorem just drifting aimlessly, losing its kernel of gravity, can affordably be reshaped into a precise system of structured management. It was initially difficult and took a lot of years to formulate, but eventually with a rigorous and diligent application, we eventually produced a substantial proportion of universal gravity, enough to govern an entire universe.

We achieved a very difficult task, and ventured forth from there, rather than choosing a simple jump off point. And when we allowed that prestigious event to happen, we showed how time would be formulated. We allowed it to compose itself, and that is important, because although we are calling it simply here time, what we actually produced was gravity.

We condensed all particle matter into a single region, that became infinitely dense. This point, once composed, contained all universal weight, but no energy. Therefore as it had to unwind with no other option, it gradually capitulated to those heavy neutrons. But as the first of those are released, and turn into supernova 2, our universe would have continued to produce a higher exertion of gravity.

This becomes absolutely fundamental, in drawing a newly formed Galaxy back on itself until it collapses, while at the same time, spinning it from what might be termed a loose configuration of particle dust, into a more solid structure.

It would indeed produce that desire for clumping together of particle physics. This would also ensure that any newly emerged galaxy, cannot just drift apart and lose its gravitational influence on indigenous regions within it (stars).

But with this process, as we previously mentioned, all new universal matter will have to constantly collapse back on itself, constantly allowing its own productive weight to be continuously reassessed. This process for us is the very basis of life emerging throughout the constellations.

In some small way, it allows us the luxury of formulating a globular mass, to produce galaxies, stars and Planets inside the core of the nebula. For as the process gets under way, and a universe is born, it will recognise undulation produced by weight distribution.

And when the central point lightens, universal matter should move more distantly from its central hub, yet as the central hub itself turns at a higher ratio, becomes heavier, a new Galaxy should collapse back, dragging with it any stellar material along the way.

If those particles are regionalised within a galaxy, there is no theoretical reason why at that time, they shouldn't produce hot spots, or what we might now term stars.

Yet it is crucial we remember at this point, the sheer volume and density of a central point in universal proportions. The region in itself, would be so infinitely dense, that it would literally begin to create a vortices. And if this actually happens, as newly formed Galaxies gradually distance themselves from a central point, what we would produce is large stellar activity.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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