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Stars are solar vortexes.

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These might be viewed as either huge illuminated stars like our own, only thousands, if not millions of times brighter, or they may take on the identity of a new type of star which we will be the first to describe. These new stars, we will call Black stars: A point in space so infinitely dense no light can escape from them at all, and no exertion of force can be created as its position has created such a super strong point, that no determination can be created, due to such a high volume of mass.

That leads us to believe, that if a Galaxy is capable of constantly being able to collapse back on itself, a natural association must follow with stars themselves.

At this juncture, we can talk openly about Galaxies and stars, running with a gravitational loop analogy. A birth, death, and rebirth cycle. Which basically means, as a Galaxy is born, rides undulating waves away, but frequently collapses back on itself, within its own spiralling motion, stellar activity must produce the very same loop analogy. Within a newly formed galaxy, areas are produced of hot vortices. These hot regions in the atomic matrix of a newly formed galaxy, will swallow particle matter, forcing the central structure to become overweight. As that particle matter is sucked within those areas, the atomic weight increases - and the density becomes heavier.

This heavy pressure constantly builds, until it has one logical option left open to it, it fuses. An ubiquitous pressure increases, an implosion takes place, fusion is generated - and the whole lot goes off like an atomic bomb. And only once this explosion takes place, will it shower an individual region, of an individual galaxy, in primordial gases, and leave at its heart, a hot matterless vortex twisting down, as a fused solar vortex.

Are we therefore saying, stars are solar vortexes?

We most certainly are. And we say that for a good reason. The reason why we need to convert a normal star, into a hot, burning vortex, is to produce Planets within its own solar matrix. We need to achieve this monumental task for specific reasons.

We said, at the outset of this book, we wished to show a plausible route to allow and permit UFOs to get here. We also said, under Einsteinian physics, that event not possible, because science perceives light as a constant in a vacuum. We rewrote special relativity to show that theory wrong.

But what we have to accept, even with a rewrite of special relativity, is, it's not enough on its own to show the validity of what observers see to be accurate. Obviously, if these journeys are made to our world by extra-terrestrial beings, the said extraterrestrials must originate from some location in our universe, probably our own galaxy. It would seem inappropriate for extra-terrestrial life to travel from one Galaxy to the next. But not as outrageous as it might first seem.

However, we do have to be realistic about the journey, and so, perhaps we should assume, although we are very interesting as a species, I don't particularly think we are interesting enough to warrant galactic travel. Although I might be. But whether we base our assumption on other life forms visiting us from within our own galaxy, or from more distant regions of the universe, we have to first assume they do actually exist.

And to do that, we must produce (i), a productive mechanism to show why we do not detect their planet, and (ii) show how we can prove there is Planets actually there at all, even though we do not detect them.

Perhaps we should quickly start, with the last piece first. We said awhile ago, the reason we don't register other Planets is because of how we interpret stars. What we actually suggested was, we do not see the star, but see a point of force. And That would mean, if they on their world looked towards the heavens, they would see the same star as us, and naturally if they used a Doppler detectton system to try and detect us, they would find the evidence just as inconclusive.

This is not as strange as it might sound.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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