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To have two solar systems that rotate in equal proportion.

If we remember light travels as waves, and visible light is determined by the distance of the peaks and valleys within it, we can assume that point of force can actually occur as we predict with this new theory. If we then allow light to move two directions simultaneous, we can understand that a process has been initiated to prevent us from detecting each others' presence. At that time, we therefore include our secondary equation, the ability to detect them, or them us, by assuming a relocation of starlight takes place.

When the event, the rise and fall of starlight has been achieved, we can show a new planet has been found in another solar system. But perhaps more importantly, show Planets emerged in every Solar System going. This then becomes vital in showing how a production of stella activity can enable solar systems to produce temperature regulated bodies: (Stars).

For if we assume, two bodies in action with each other formulate a structured policy, what we could call a marriage of convenience, we might have to propose a theory where they rotate as equal, opposites of each other. What we term mirrored ellipses: To have two solar systems that rotate in equal proportion to one another in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to create Hydrogen fission.

If this then happened, it would create a pressure factor on alternative bodies, (other stars) but simultaneously, produce the very atomic reaction a star needs to produce fluctuating temperatures within its own solar system. But before that gets under way, lets first imagine what a new Solar System looks like, as it comes it to being.

We said the initial fusion principle would have resembled a nuclear bomb exploding, and we will not change our mind on that, because to create any system of expansion we need the cause and effect that has become so interlocked within this thesis doctrine. And so, we allow a new star to be born.

In one large, ubiquitous implosion, followed almost instantly by an explosion, the fusion reaction throws out all the particle matter it might have swallowed over hundreds of millions of years, and like a very violent volcano, atom debris showers a region within close proximity to the main stellar core.

Once material is dispensed, the core itself quickly becomes a massless furnace, so can have only one logical option, it collapses back on itself. As a surrounding Galaxy continues to spiral beyond all natural control, a point of hot, fused space is dragged back. And in conjunction with other stars, this massless vortex also becomes squeezed. And as there is no longer any matter to hold it stable, it will instinctively try to reposition itself in space and time.

From there, the newly forming star condenses still further, allowing what particles still remain within it to burn with an atomic chain reaction. But this process can only last a short time, before more matter is need to continue the process.

For an easier recognition, you might like to view it like a fire, as one log burns away, you need to add another if the fire is to continuously burn. And if our newly created star pursues the same basic design, then as the initial atomic cycle recedes, and leaves the new star without any fusion material, it will look towards other avenues to continue its life cycle. At this point, there is only one place it might now reclaim matter, the debris it showered space with as it burst into life.

In a cannibalistic attempt at devouring itself the star starts to drag matter back in. Yet the only way this may happen, is if the star - redefined by us as a stellar solar vortex loses its temperature. As the initial hot, fused entity gradually loses its heat, gravitational influence is also lost, and all the newly formed matter drifts slowly towards the star's core.

But we should remember, an initially formed hot body of massless property will not have lost the will to live, merely it will be diminished to such an extent, that all contributory matter deposited by the said body may begin to return to its point of source.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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