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Size to our universe is unimportant.

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And as a new planet might be heavily enveloped in structural gases of different compounds, we have to establish what will cause a dilution, and turn it from a primordial soup, into the solidified structre we see around us today.

If we assume carbon is a heavy gas, and oxygen much lighter, we can imagine, like on a hot summer's day how this advancement begins. If the star begins to run cold, all gases around the embryo planet will settle. Gases will fall to the lowest possible point. But as more matter fuses with the star itself, and heat is reintroduced to the solar system, lighter particles, such as oxygen, will naturally rise much faster than heavier particles such as carbon. What we are saying is, just like city smog, gas dilution takes place, as atmoic weight separates the individual gases.

We have all witnessed how smoggy days produce low lying carbon, and oxygen has moved to a higher, more acceptable level. If we believe this is the case, then it can go some way to demonstrate how the planet itself will gradually construct a shell around itself. A slow, and progressional advancement toward a carboniferous substructure, that is based entirely of gas dilution.

If this process of particle refinement is continued over hundreds of millions of years, we might understand the futility of believing we were in the right place at the right time. With a more methodical approach, we begin to witness an evolutionary journey pf planetary motion commence.

We said those early Planets would be gas giants, and probably the first ones would never have advanced through their long life cycle at aIl. They would have merely been fodder for the huge firey furnace will call, our sun. It would have only been the more distant Planets that would have had a long enough duration to undertake such an epic, precarious journey and muture into the structured worlds we observe in our Solar System today.

We might even consider ourselves fortunate at that point. Or we might even believe, that not just are we fortunate, both those around every other star in the universe, or at least those within that mature central belt we spoke of are fortunate.

We now begin to display a set of circumstances, where life by accident becomes anything other than a clumsy mistake. From our theory we have given birth to a whole new set of original circumstances, where the universe has developed from what science considers an accident, to a pantheon of precise movements. We built ourselves a paradigm based on George Bernad Shaw's wisdom, rather than convenient soundbites.

But if size to our universe is unimportant, and it does allow galaxies, stars and Planets to be formulated from the same simple design, how many other life forms, what we call extra-terrestrials might inhabit that extensive ether we term simply, space?

If we're right in our rearrangement of stars, and I see no reason why we shouldn't be, by turning them into a vorticies, where life is established through an evolutionary process, then it might not be so outrageous to suggest every star houses life around it. And that thought alone could literally blow the mind. With hundreds of millions of stars dotted about the entire universe, life could be so abundant, that those spacecraft individual's claim to see, might not just be visitors from one world, but from a multitude of different worlds, possibly even from within our own solar system.

You mean other life from within our solar system?

That's exactly what I mean. We must remember, that when we start to manufacture Planets based on an evolutionary process, there simply cannot be any room for complacency. We mustn't be deluded into thinking along existing scientific lines, just because others do. We have established a theory for ourselves, not based on contrived ideology or long established notions that science refuses to challenge, but based entirely around highly original - and unique concepts.

We constructed our theory, more from a principle of dilettantism. We watched it literally build from nothing, and sought to advance the very boundaries of reason, with a rational acceptance that appeared, first strange, and then brash. We followed wisdom that made perfect sense. So we must not shrink from those original ideas by cowering to sciences narrow-minded stance. We mustn't back away at the point of greatness, but must convince a sceptical world with reasonable argument as to what we believe.

We proposed a hypothesis, which showed a Solar System gradually being built, a Solar System that used the foundation blocks of life. We demonstrated how temperature enabled us to slowly put together a planet through atomic engineering, and suggested how this process, an evolutionary one, not accidental.

But if that really is the case, then we must also accept the logic that might accompany such a theory, for if we are right about planetary evolution, then the example we seek should be obvious.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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