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Solar System was out of line.

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We should be able to see a Solar System production line of planets, strung-out across the solar system. So why don't we...

I think I might have unearthed the answer to this intriguing problem.

Some years ago now, I was consulting a good friend of mine, who had been investigating chronological variations in certain types of tree stumps dug-up on Irish peat bogs, when he said their growth cycle had been massively stunted around the 6th century. We finally traced the period back to 542ad, from the journals of Greek monks. First, I thought nothing of it, until he mentioned that during an analysis they found a heavy sulphurous compound trace. Again, I thought it perplexing, but not out of the ordinary; and then, to reiterate, I remembered some years back reading an old philosophy journal. It was by the Greek monk, Evagrious, and although I couldn't remember the exact text, I recalled the basic: How he said:

"The Sun appears to have lost its wanton might, and appears of a bluish colour. We marvel to feel its power wasted into feebleness."

That short passage sent my mind into overdrive. I had the rough text, but no definitive date! I spoke with another friend, and he suggested it approximated to the 580s, possibly 542ad. Yet more important than that, my investigation led still further, for if some event had turned the Sun a bluish colour, only one logical answer sprang directly to mind: It needed to be an entity with a heavy sulphurous content, the same as which had shown on the test results from those old tree stumps.

I had two contributory factors, a whole lot of circumstantial evidence and a very frightened imagination. And suddenly, I understood, if those two events were interlinked, there was only one possible route to produce such an effect: A heavenly body moving through the solar system.

But which one?

I continued to search around the period (542ad) and became more alarmed the more I read. In the middle-east crops failed, there was famine and pestilence across the western world, and in China, a dynasty that had been stable for nearly one hundred and fifty years suddenly collapsed into anarchy.

What the world witnessed during those dire days, was nothing short of a calamity. An outside factor had pushed our Earth to the verge of extinction. The planet may have been no more than a cat's whisker from an infinite disaster that it could never recover from. And still to this day, investigations surrounding those events are discouraged by government.

But undissuaded by goverment, I looked towards our Solar System for an answer, hoping beyond hope it might surrender one of its most cherished secrets, and allow me the privilege of a brief insight into what biblical event nearly brought humanity to its knees.

And there it was, Venus, magnificent and bold, her thick blanketed heavy atmosphere laden with poisonous sulphur; and I knew there was no other option but to recognise this angelic, sometimes beautiful planet as the cause: But at that point, I faced an even bigger obstacle.

I was asking myself how this distant planet could produce such an effect on our own, fragile world? As the solar vortex, star, theory gradually gained momentum, it became obvious to me our planetary Solar System was out of line! The Planets within it were in the wrong position. Something, I assumed had altered their confighuration.

For it to be put right, our Planets needed to shuffle their current orbit slightly, for presently we see our Planets lined-up like thus: The Sun, Mercury, Venus, The Earth, Mars, The asteroid belt, and then the outer, superior planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the highly strange and erratic orbit of Pluto.

However, if the solar-vortex theory was to work, and a steady application had been introduced to construct Planets with a slow, methodical and regulated control of Solar System temperatures, then from a geological aspect, they required a slight realignment: Venus, was in the wrong place!

I took a much more candid view, and decided, with a slight alteration we could place in a different, visionary structure. It was only then I rearranged the planetary matrix so they then ran like thus: The Sun, Mercury, Mars, The Earth, The asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

You might ask yourself, where has Venus gone?

With a detailed observation under way, and closer inspection of Venus, I decided there was only one logical location to place Venus, back as an outer Jovian moon; possibly a large sister Moon to Ganamede. Some people, science, academia, the world as a whole, might think that crazy, that we could relocate an entire planet to a higher, satellite orbit. And at the time, not least of all me.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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