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Earth - mars and meteorite impactions.

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I was so hostile to the initial idea, I refused to entertain it for nearly six months: I had the cursory idea down on paper, yet refused point-blank to investigate further. But inevitably I gave in. My new theory became too tempting to just leave to vegetate. I had this enigma of how, or more importantly why Venus would have relocated its position in our mars to meteorite impactions.

And that could only have happened if Venus had recently relocated, or indeed had been shielded at other periods in its history; which is even more unlikely.

I asked my friend, how long he thought Venus had been there, and he said, from a chronological evaluation, about two thousand years: "But that's off the record!" I assured him it would be, but posed a more, in-depth time frame. I asked him how he would feel about fourteen hundred years, rathe than two thousand? He shrugged his shoulders, and said it was possible.

At last, I thought, I was not going mad, but had accidentally stumbled across what could be a crucial factor. The movement of a large body of matter, Venus, moved through our solar system, in between two other planets: The Earth and Mars, and used the Earth and Mars' own gravitational fields to hook each other inside out.

You mean the Earth and Mars literally exchanged orbits with each other? That is exactly what I mean.

But the big question which arose then, was did Venus fall, or was it pushed? With our planetary structure realigned, so that Mars would run ahead of earth, I had a very sobering thought to consider. For had Mars ran ahead of us initially, it should theoretically be at a much more advanced stage than we are, in our evolutionary cycle today. In other words, Mars would be way ahead of us on evolutionary terms; and that thought alone sent a shiver through my veins.

If Mars had been constructed before us, it should, if the solar evolutionary theory is right, hold the same natural life components as ourselves.

Once we extracted a hit-or-miss principle from life, and the evolution of solar systems, we extracted any inconsistencies from the equation: The theory meant all solar systems has to reflect a perfect production line, and generate planetary production in a consistemt and methodical way.

But if that is so, where had all the life on Mars vanished too?

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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