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Species on Earth.

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It seemed absurd that Mars could have gone ahead of us. And so, I began to construct a model in my mind and see if the anomoly could be resolved. This is how it works.

Let us for one moment imagine Mars did run ahead of Earth, on evolutionary terms, that life leapt-up from a primordial soup around Mars, and progressed with a structured system of advanced intelligence over hundreds of millions of years, before species on Earth were even in their infancy. Yet as we suggested earlier, due to gas dilution, their atmosphere purified itself as the Sun constantly heated up, and then cooled down. And as the newly discovered solar-vortex continuously heated up, then cooled down, particles were constantly processed.

Each time our star cooled, gas settled, each time it heated up, as more matter fused with the star, Mars would lose more atmosphere, just as the Earth and every other planet in our solar system, and every other Solar System will. And then slowly, over an extended epoch a Martian environment is refined; its atmosphere becomes so weak it cannot sustain life at all. Martian life begins to wither and die, then vegitation slowly perishes, seas begin to boil and harmful ulta-violet rays from the Sun create endemic cancer amongst the Martian population.

So what might an advanced Martian civilisation do: Give up? Call it a day? I doubt it.

An instinctive desire for survival is so paramount in any species, their fight for life would continue unabated. We would do the same. But what would they do with a dying, almost barren planet?

They may have but one option, look to an alternative world, as they would be incapable of rejuvenating their own atmosphere. But where would they go? What planet would they choose?

There might have been only one option open to them as they scoured the Solar System with desperate eyes: Our Earth!

However, one small, but complex problem would stand between them, and their ambitions project. A high carbonaceous atmosphere, that would leave Martian life susceptible to a respiratory system, that had previously adapted itself to suit a Martian environment over hundreds of millions of years. The Earth's gases would contain a too high carbon content for them to breath. As an example, to help us comprehend this delicate problem, we could say, the equivalent scenario down here, would be you sitting in your car with a hosepipe up the exhaust, and placed in through the window. And you, like them, would die.

Martian life must have faced the same prospect as they endeavoured to move here; yet there was one plausible avenue of approach open to them if they could hone and adapt their theory and technology to satisfy the equation.

If they were to take a large thermonuclear weapon, and place it carefully behind a Jovian moon, what we now call the planet Venus - and detonate it as Venus reaches an orbital position suitable to knock it from its orbit, then Venus would leave its natural orbit and be catapulted through space on a trajectory between both the Earth and Mars.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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