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Millions of years of evolution.

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As Venus, then progressively transcends between both of those planets, an artificial gravitational field will pull both, the Earth and Mars on a collision course with each other.

But at the very last moment, their natural gravitational fields will repel one another, causing each to spin the other in a different, opposite direction. And that should theoretically mean, as Venus plunged its way in between both The Earth and Mars, an interlocking mechanism would have insured both Mars and the Earth drew close, and then repelled, forcing themselves in a figure of eight movement as they each in turn orbited The Sun.

This would mean, at the end of the event, each planet would sit in each other's orbit. Mars would be behind The Earth, and The Earth in front of Mars, thus giving the impression planetary position has always been like that.

But what benefit might Martian life gain from this very precarious adventure?

That becomes palpable the moment we scrutinise the theory more closely. If as we said, Martian life may have had envious eyes for our world, and sought to occupy it, so they could inherit planet Earth themselves, the atmosphere would need to have been diluted still further to produce a higher, sustainable level of oxygen. And that universal event, could only be achieved with such enormous power, no individual species, regardless of how far advanced they are, could achieve it. They would need nature, and the statutory laws of physics to intervene.

If Venus was pushed, from a Jovian orbit, fell through space on a prearranged trajectory - and exchanged both the Earth and Mars' orbit for each other, then I would imagine Venus would have meant to continue on its journey, fuse with The Sun and generate such heat throughout the solar system, millions of years of evolution would have been conducted in the space of years, and then, with a thinner atmosphere, they could indeed inherit The Earth.

People might say the hypothesis madness, one deluded philosopher painting a picture of horrific disaster. But if that is the case, why do we see so many people witness ufos?

One might assume, from the amount of sighting's, these come from within close proximity. To expand this belief, we could also ask, why has over 90% of probes, both Russian and American sent to the martian terrain and the martian surface simply stopped functioning, never completed their journey or simply disappeared? Why did our planet register those high sulphurous contents from 542ad? And why do so many people claim to have been abducted?

Maybe there is a logical explanation to all of these events just waiting patiently to be discovered. Maybe one day we will have all those secrets we so desperately require answered, and maybe that insatiable human appetite for answers will lose its hunger. But that we will have to wait and see.

However, the one question, whether it surrounds the evolution of Earthlings, or Martians, is, how to find a route forward from creation to what we have become today. Or, put another: How did life actually begin?

We spoke earlier about how Planets themselves would formulate. What we said, was from an early implosion of spatial material, an explosion would be generated, and a new star would expel all its material into a newly constructed solar system. From there the star collapses back into a hot, fused vortex. Cold space funnels into the vorticies - and causes the central core to lift, thus creating a large, dome corona. After this initial stage is initiated, the star begins to cool, it loses its extreme temperature and thus a domino effect occurs. matter loses gravitational influence, and elementary particles fall towards the star. Once there they commence to fuse with the star, and reintroduce the cycle all over again.

However, if we consider our early Planets to be large gas giants, mainly manifesting themselves more towards a peripheral wall of the solar system, then we can assume as heat is reduced within the solar system, particles that cool will begin to produce ice.

We might like to imagine this with an example. If we look out into the depths of our solar system, we see Saturn with its beautiful ice rings. These rings are constructed of globular ice formation. If we now imagine the same type of event, only with Planets much larger, we can also assume their rings and globular ice matter much larger as well. And it will be those large ice-balls, or comets to give them their appropriate title, that will actually bring life to barren, gas polluted worlds.

By solidifying small particle ice molecules into larger, more sophisticated structures, we have built-in an ability to produce the molecular structure witnessed around us today, as life itself.

By allowing the star to literally keep condensing its gaseous material, we can create, in conjunction with an alternative body that Hydrogen fisson so necessary in the early foundation stages when solar systems propogate.

But later on, this basic particle fusion process, will convert into a more violent structure where large matter will be swallowed within the nebular itself. As this will cause such a dramatic heat expansion throughout our solar system, gravity will return at much higher levels.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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