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As the impacting meteorites theory gathered momentum, it manifested itself conveniently at the same time the US tax payer was becoming alarmed at the high cost of the military's SDI project: The Strategic Defence Initiative or Star Wars as it came to be known. Regan, an ex-Hollywood actor, with massive contacts in the film industry, encouraged the movie makers to advance the US government's belief, and together, politicians, scientists, and Cosmologists looted the people's pockets blind.

And never in the endeavour of humanity, have so many, paid so much, for so little. And that is why, most of Hollywood spends its life at the White House rather than the movie set, why presidents holiday in Hollywood producer's homes, and the entire industry is advanced, unashamedly throughout the free world.

Possibly the greatest paradox in modern history, is to believe, the media is free. It's as much state controlled in the free world, as it is in any former communist country. But with cynical opportunists plundering people's pockets, the story of meteorite impact was allowed to mushroom and grow.

A few well chosen soundbites were added: "The smoking gun!" was one carefully crafted phrase. This came in the shape of a large crater, known as the Manson impact structure in Iowa, USA.

But when this proved to fit the date, but not the size needed, another site was looked for. But that would mean two large meteorites impacted at the same time; even though science itself proclaimed this only ever happened with considerable duration's between them, and seemed to make little, or no difference. They got round this imponderable, by saying, like Shoemaker/levy which broke into several pieces, large asteroids could follow each other through space, and a double impact could occur, which really blows their theory of considerable time frames between each impacting body clean out of the water.

But with the end of the cold war, and the Soviets no longer a threat, and budgets desperately needed to be retained, the evidence, dare one call it that, has been fixed, and an apology from these people to the tax payer is long over due.

What we should understand, is the discussion of impacting meteors or asteroids has never been about our planet, dinosaurs or our future, it has always been about that small clique of people who control, manipulate - and decides the direction we advance, be their decision founded or not.

Yet when evidence was needed to substantiate their claim, it was quickly found to support their postulate. Tektites, rich in iridium and shocked quartz, convinced scientists to concentrate their search around North America. But what was never disclosed to the public or media, was the fact, most of this substance, even that found in sedimentary layers of clay, is naturally produced by our Earth anyway.

Again, this basic fact never prohibited anyone from some mad rush to justify their own belief, and just like rocket technology, that cannot defy special relativity, there is no foundation for broaching the subject of Dinosaur extinction through meteorite impaction.

This belief is public misinformation and the belief it is public misinformation is vindicated when we view the latest martian probe launched to coincide with the movie "Independence day". A blaze of publicity, espoused the two. Conveniently, a meteorite was discovered in Antartica, we are told, which showed us how life was in abundance on the red planet millions of years ago. But no one was ever informed, the meteorite in question was actually ten years old, had been sitting at the back of a cupboard gathering dust, and the concentrate of fossil life inside was just as abundant down here, as it is up there. Public duped, money obtained, movie sold, science happy! What a world: God bless America.

Yet, the real facts, are somewhat more disturbing.

We can continue with our theory, where planetary evolution becomes the mainstay of our belief, we would see a planet, as it moves in towards the star, slowly shrinking in dimension. If this process continues, then residule landmass, as gas runs away, shows what might have really happened to the Dinosaur and other life.

Let's imagine, a large gas giant, like Jupiter, its surface thick in early hot gases, we can understand, growth of living organism might accelerate beyond its natural growth cycle and produce giant species. This belief also give us reasons to assume dinosaurs skin never obtained fur, as heat would forbid the event. But with a planet moving cyclically towards the star, an inner vacuum would suck the surface down. We might believe this causes crater construction, for when the planet turns, yet pulls simultaneous, the surface must collapse.

If we look skywards today, we can see this pitting on the Moon surface, the martian surface and other such bodies scattered throughout the solar system. And we might be justified at that point to ask why haven't these impacting meteors caused such a peppering of our own surface, and say, as long as we have a natural fluid rain this process will not occur as the surface of our world is structurally sound; except those areas where water's not apparent.

As well as puncture wounds, designed to make us believe they are craters caused by impacting heavenly bodies, we could also ask how those places like the grand canyon formed? It's the same principle, only with a different shape scarred. As are our oceans, ravines, gully's and everything else indented on our surface.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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