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Dinosaurs never did become extinct.

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And the only difference between those symmetrical puncture wounds alleged to have killed off the dinosaurs on Earth , and the more obscure shape of other surface structural collapse, is the border identification.

But we can easily explain that, by gravitational forces, during highly accelerated periods in the planet's history.

If, as the volume of mass to our star increases, then the vacuum inside the Earth will theoretically collapse its surface, in a circular depreciation. This theory also naturally explains all crater construction, and removes any possibility of large asteroids impacting against ours, or anyone else's planetary surface.

As temperature from the star builds, a pitting on the surface becomes identifiable with elementary gravitational law, and the process of spin. We might even consider this event happening when we look at crop-circles. Although, I personally believe, others responsible for them. However, if this process of surface collapse continues on forming planets, and liquid gas runs away, to leave residual land mass, we must consider the possibility, that whatever remains, stranded on a solid surface, will become susceptible to gravitational influence. Hence, dinosaurs begin to devolve, as well as evolve.

We can also deduce, from fossil remains, certain smaller dinosaurs from those early forming periods, had feathers. Possibly similar to the feathers on ducks. Although, for that period, I think it highly unlikely they ever established flight.

The reason we reach this conclusion, is because of a carboniferous atmosphere. Birds would have found it difficult to get airborne, yet, with a dilutionary effect on gas molecule, we debated the theory, where oxygen and Hydrogen continuously refined early particles, until oxygen took precedence. And once a high level of sustainable oxygen is generated, bird population's would have commenced their epic journey. And this alone should be seen as another supporting reason, to show the world not struck by asteroids. Theoretically, this should allow us to hone our belief and move toward a more plausible explanation for the shrinkage of dinosaurs, and an aerial abundance of ornithological flight.

Hatchling Dinosaur begs mother for food.

At that point, we should conclude, dinosaurs never did become extinct, they merely shrank in size, because the laws of gravity say they must.

With a high exertion of force, stunting growth from hatchlings, as they emerge into their new environmental surrounding, we can assume their potential for further growth limited by the natural laws of physics which surround them.

But what you might have also noticed, from this brief encounter with a structural progression towards fruition of a planetary matrix is, we said our planet, and all others begin their journey towards the star as a large gas giant, like Jupiter. And as heat builds, they literally shrink, gas turns to liquid - and runs away from its surface.

This means life, as Darwin predicted, would never have risen from the sea, developed legs and suddenly stood on two legs to resemble what we see around us today. It means evolution, as the planet dried - and solidified, would have taken a duel, evolutionary fork in the road. Two sets of evolution would have engineered themselves and progressed through different environmental changes: Terrene, and marine. Thus man's closest ancestor, would not be primates, but would become the Dolphin.

And so, my closest ancestor might be a fish!

A mammal actually. A class of creatures that suckle their young. These most majestic creatures display all the attributes of a highly intellectual species, on a par with us; perhaps more so.

They have a non aggressive behaviour towards mankind, and where possible seek to bond, which seems strange in itself, as most non intellectual creatures, apes included, transmit open hostility, even towards humans. But Dolphin's are significantly different.

We have to investigate the strong possibility, maybe even strong probability, that as the world devolved in size, evolution went it separate ways. Mankind and Dolphins trod their own path at that point, as each was given no other option.

As mankind found himself stranded on solidifing landmass, the Dolphin would have accepted his fate lay elsewhere; in the mighty oceans and beyond.

The reason we have to draw this distinction, between mankind and the ape, is significant in itself. The strongest recognition between any two species, must be that of the brain. It is the single most advanced piece of kit that differentiates us from the beast. Body design is irrelevant, as all creatures, determine their own characteristics, but only the mind determines the difference between a natural conscious thought, and that which operates on instinct.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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