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Darwinian Theory.

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We must assume, from our own evolution, even under legislatory process or the highest principle of law, the ability to problem solve and take responsibility for our actions is based entirely from intellectual perspective.

If we consider the Dolphin to have honed and perfected its psyche, to the same extent, as its brain and ours are strikingly similar, and create additionally its ability to harness a cohesion with others of a same intellectual power, we must concluded, that when evolution took its separate paths, the Dolphin and ourselves were cousins that bid each other a tearful farewell.

And so we changed at that point to what we are today?

We would have progressed over many many millions of years. But what we can be certain of is, evolution could never have acted under Darwinian theory, as it would still continue today if it did. And I know some might find this outrageous to hear, but what would make us us, is bullying.

Earlier, we said we'd show biblical text to be right, that the meek shall inherit the earth, earlier on, and that, we will now do.

If we imagine a strong, forceful set of creatures, we must deduce that the physically strong among them will always dominate those within proximity. The weak will get pushed to the periphery - and eventually driven away from the group, as the strong seek to advance their genes at the expense of the weaker members of the group. And if this is the case, then we should assume, that not just the males will be driven out, but also certain females.

These would create more peripheral groups of similar creatures, yet not quite so brutal in their nature. With their strength, in the brute sense, reduced, they must employ an alternative. A more lateral route to survive. And that means using their inititive.

If we use, for our hypothesis, an early tribe of humans, we might consider the powerful, more physical members will oust those of a more servile nature. The tribe would strengthen physically. But contrary to that, those of a servile nature, who are ejected, produce a higher intelligent stratergy, to ensure their own survival, which must become instinctive in itself.

And so, where the initial strength came from a kernel of brute force, a secondary, more cunning strength is quickly established. This is passed on to the next generation, and the progression towards more intellectual thought becomes apparent.

Yet new, thinking, primordial species, are still susceptible to attack, and so, must retain a lot of the former characteristics installed within them. And so, although an emerging species of thinking people, slowly progresses, violent tendencies still remain. And once again, they push a certain few from the group, and again the ability to replicate, and think becomes more fortuitous.

However, they still face the problem of more superior groups, that would no doubt remain in fairly close proximity, and so to keep those more vicious individuals at bay, the intelligence starts to produce weaponry. Maybe throwing stones to start with, then a big stick, a flint head axe follows on, then a spear - a piece of metal is converted into a knife, and those of a lower intellect are systematically held at back. Thus we show how evolution is based entirely on the ability of the brain, as we suggested with the Dolphin.

But possibly more important, we also determined, a fashion, where stronger creatures might find their natural selection stunted by the intelligence of those they evicted. This means an observation can be made. The meek, those thrown out by other members of the group with more physical strength, can progress to a stage where development formulates a strategy of technological superiority, and allows them to eventually dominate the stronger.

And this theory, should be more productive in evolutionary thinking, as it explains why we do not witness that production line needed under Darwinian thought.

We can show advancement in the intellectual sense, yet simultaneously prohibit those further behind, continuing their progression. In other words, we evolve, but stop the evolution as we do so. What we might term, an evolutionary paradox.

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