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UFOs visiting us.

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When I first decided to advertise a PO Box through the post-office, and follow it up with an advertisement in a UFO magazine, I expected to get the usual mail-bag of cranks, nutters and very unstable people. I was not disappointed.

But under the principle of research, a lot of what I read needed to be investigated. Most of this I initially pursued with telephone calls, logged the recording and listened intently to afterwards. I expected to shoot holes in most stories I heard, simply because the science never actually fitted a reasonable model of modern physics or mathematics.

I received correspondence from an amateur Astronomer one day, who explained in great detail why he thought ufologists wrong. This chap, who seemed an amiable fellow from his letters told me explicitly why NASA had not recovered a downed ufo, how he had watched the sky for years and seen nothing; and how observations of UFOs visiting us was just over active imaginations motivated through TV science fiction programmes. His letters usually contained page after page of this type of argument; so one day I wrote to him and posed a simply question: "Why not just justify your reasoning with special relativity?" It seemed a valid question to someone who claimed to be an amateur astronomer, or at least it did to me. I never heard from him again! What he failed to understand, is you don't need some monumental discussion of ifs and buts; a quick look at the basic laws of physics is all you need: It becomes so simple.

We must understand that for anything to happen in life, the event must first be possible, and under divisable Einsteinian physics it's not, but for us, since we constructed Quantum gravity and employed Planck's time, it might be. If the event is not possible the debate is over at that point: Therefore we undertook the most comprehensive look at the laws of physics I've ever seen.

We built our own physics. Before we even as I attempted to give any definitive recognition to either Spacecraft or their inhabitants. It was only at that point, we decided we might be allowed to progress with a more fluid pursuit, and deduce whether there was any validity to people seeing ufos; let alone be abducted by them: We decided, with such a strong rewrite of SR the event could become possible, as we stopped the velocity of light from being a constant in a vacuum.

It was only at that precise moment, did we attempt to take individual's claims much more seriously. In our chapter termed: ufos, I set out to vijgit four certain people, as their accounts seemed to show a strong association. These four people were my guinea-pigs, so to speak, and with their version of events I sought a stronger clarification from professionals in the field. I telephoned a lady friend of mine, whom I have known for several years, and asked her opinion of these case studies.

My friend is a very well respected psychiatrist, and has dealt extensively in personality disorders, and other, more in-depth psychological behavioural patterns, we might call: Mental health problems. For this part I shall refer to her simply as Cindy, although, that is a name change. Cindy suggested we meet for lunch at a very exclusive restaurant in town, just off Mayfair where her practice was.

I arrived their one Thursday afternoon in August, just after 1pm. Cindy was already inside, seated at a quiet corner table and choosing an expensive wine. She asked, as I arrived if I had any preference? I didn't. In fact it all tastes the same to me.

As I seated myself, other diners studied me. I was not exactly what you would call dressed for the occasion; but I was clean and smart. We exchanged the usual pleasantries before our meal arrived, and after five minutes or so, I told her of my dilemma.

Cindy, a woman in her thirties, with short brown hair and professional features pondered my question, as she carefully dissected her meal. She punctuated each fork full with a delicate sip of red wine, and after a moments thought, she replied with a questioned response. Cindy asked me how honest I thought these people were? I replied as truthfully as possible; I said I didn't exactly know ....

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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