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England: Kent.

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I managed, at that point to excuse myself from Cindy's surgery. Without speaking, I pointed at her office door, and mouthed I needed to make a couple of quick telephone calls. Cindy tutted, closing her eyes disappointed, like some great white shark about to devour its prey.

She warned me, by tapping her watch, to hurry up! I stood outside in a tight corridor, nicely offset with countryside water colours, and retrieved my mobile. I scoured my way through my address book until I found John's number; then rang him at his practice, which didn't seem to amuse him. Excitedly, I asked him whether he had any connection with the kent area? John confessed he went to public school in kent, from the age of 11 to 16. He asked me why? I told him quickly, as time wasn't our friend at the moment I'd call him back later, and explain in graphic detail then.

That seemed to amuse him even less. As Paula still lay on Cindy's couch, I swiftly found Doris' number and called her. She seemed pleased to hear from me, and began chatting away as though we were old friends.

I interrupted. I quickly explained what was happening; how I believed I had found a definite link between her and the other abductees. Rather cockily, I inquired as to her connection with the kent area?, and expected her just to explain away.

Doris declined my invitation. She told me she didn't have any connection with kent, and somewhat deflated I felt my entire, eagerly rushed hypothesis begin to unravel. Slightly more sombre, I said I would speak with her later, to try and arrange a visit to Cindy's clinic; but suddenly, as I spoke, my aspirations lifted.

Doris said she was lying! Doris said she did have a link with kent, only a distant one. My spirits raised at that point. I asked her to give me a brief outline? Doris explained it was when she was a girl, during the war.

She said she worked there as a landgirl: Only for a short while though. 'A short while' was good enough for me at this juncture in time. I could now place all four of my subjects at the same location in england, only at different periods in their own histories.

For some inexplicable reason as yet, a craft of unknown universal origin had been abducting individuals from their properties - and literally delving amongst their very matrix. I slipped back around the door of Cindy's office, my finest smile apologising as I did so. I moved over and jotted down a couple more brief notes for her to ask, and then skulked back in to my seat, and my subservient observational position in the corner. Cindy continued with Paula.

She inquired as to whether she was actually taken on board the vessel before her, the one she said remained static in the sky looking like wet leather? Paula said they walk together, the small man at her side, and another standing further on, his position fixed, when a large light from under the craft's belly bathes him in a flood on incandescent white light. On the couch Paula tries desperately to shield her eyes with her forearm, and I recall thinking what a powerful instrument the human mind is.

Even in a subconscious condition, Paula's mind is still attempting to protect her from an image she would rather not see. "I don't like it!" She mumbles, and her words at that point, almost appear to surrender their adult idiom. Paula's voice sounds almost child like as she pleads for that intrusion to stop.

Cindy instantly prompts her. She tells Paula, albeit softly to continue with her journey. Paula is adamant that she does not want to; but Cindy insists. It seems in this condition Paula has no restraint from Cindy's will. She starts to mumble how they are rising, going up in the air, so she can see her house in the distance, its size diminishing as their ascent continues.

Cindy asks Paula if she goes inside the craft? Paula nods her head, as Cindy encourages her to explain to her in detail what she can see. "A black room," insisted Paula, her tone positive. "We walk along this long corridor to another room, and there's people inside...."

"How many?" Asked Cindy, responsively.

"Lots!" Replies Paula, and twists slightly on the couch, as though the thought makes her uncomfortable. "I don't like being held," she retorts, her expression delivered totally without any assistance from Cindy. "Let me go!" Demands Paula, as her body becomes increasingly more agitated. She wriggles on the settee, and Cindy calms her by telling her to sleep. Paula slips, at this point deeper in

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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