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Abducted by Aliens.

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people like her. I tried to tell her that might produce the strongest peace of mind of all; the ability to hold her head high and proud and challenge science and its contemporaries in an arena of intellectual discussion. We talked for a further fifteen minutes, by which time Cindy had joined us, and given Paula an appointment card.

She told Paula, if she cared to keep in touch, she would pursue her case with a much stronger application. I knew Cindy herself actually wrote papers on these related subjects, and therefore had a very personal interest to investigate deeper. Not that she was particularly convinced Paula had been abducted by aliens.

In fact Cindy erred on the side of caution. She suggested there could be a multitude of different critique that might produce a common related set of symptoms, but without further exploratory evaluation she could never be anything other than ambiguous to her experience. Paula, herself seemed relieved that she was at last being taken seriously, rather than just fobbed of with medical excuses.

We had a cup of tea before I took her back to the station, and saw her safely on her way. I promised her I would keep in touch, which I have done, and respect the principle of confidentiality, again, which I have done. Paula's intimate secret is safe as far as I'm concerned, although, from a recent call I received from her, her abductions have not ceased. Whatever has visited Paula since childhood still appears intent on doing so.

Some time later, about three or four days later, I had another meeting with Cindy, only this time round my flat. She called unexpected, and insisted we get things straight. I begrudgingly allowed her access to my research, which is a custom I afford very rarely to anyone.

But she did have a point, I had slightly mislead her initially, and because of that deceitful attempt, which I do not particularly think was motivated from mistrust, I had left myself open to accusation. Cindy was in a position now to insist I part with my data; and as I opened a couple of beers, and grilled some pizzas, she trawled her way through the pages. I remember quite vividly her asking me, as she held a piece of paper aloft between her fingers, how accurate I thought my science was? I returned with our meal in one hand, two beer bottles in the other, which Cindy didn't look over impressed by.

I had to remind her a few years back it was all we ever lived off, and she didn't turn her nose up at it then. She informed me things change, or at least they do for most people, as her eyes scoured my humble abode. I explained to her the science involved was meticulously researched, but without access to a large radio telescope, I couldn't fully vindicate it.

"So it's ambiguous!" She commented.

I explained to her the extent of the thesis she now placed her plate on, and defended it, as all academics in this field do, with a theoretical evaluation. I informed her graphically about the SR rewrite, which made her eyebrows raise sceptically. She asked me, quite openly who else in this field had examined it? I told her I was having problems convincing members of the establishment to take it seriously.

Cindy asked me simply, in a word: "Why?"

That took the wind from my sails. It is always difficult to convince anyone of anything in science, especially new theorems with ground breaking results. I suggested there is also people applying pressure from other areas, and encouraging friends not to even look at the work. Cindy mumbled something about conspiracy theories under her breath, and swigged her beer.

We must have spent the next two to three hours arguing the merits of conspiracy theories. I explained to her how I used to doubt their validity, but was rapidly becoming a convert. I told her the more I examined the intricate detail of ufology, the more alarmed I was becoming by either the incompetence that sounds our own science, or the deliberate cover-up that might conceal it.

I revealed to Cindy my concern about the high production of rocket technology, and asked her to explain to me, from a professional, psychiatrist's prospective why anyone would have a tendency to construct a project, they knew would fail? "Even before they started!" I growled, rather frustrated and loudly. I then went to an old junk cupboard I've

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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