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God and Science.

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God may have been created in man's image - but science contests this.

It might be true to say, that in life, desperate men cling to desperate ideas, like the big bang, they latch themselves to a certain idea as though it a piece of driftwood in life's cosmic ocean, and refuse to let go.

On many occasion people have endorsed a belief or philosophy, because there is precious little alternative to endorse. When any individual reaches a conundrum with no obvious solution, there often tends to be an element of acceptance that anything which sounds reasonably sensible will suffice; after all, it is better to attribute your name to a theory everyone else agrees with, rather than shrug your shoulders with a blank expression. And in an ever media hungry, inquisitive world where the population feels as though it desperately needs information, a certain pressure arises for answers to be found; usually profound, unforgiving answers whose very body is riddled in ambiguity and leave the human mind tormented in sufferance.

And a Big Bang singularity would appear no different in that respect.

We said during the introduction of this book, people have monumental questions to pose to scientists. And although most of these requests are basic in their format, once presented they open-up into such enormous explanation it would appear on first assumption to defy human imagination.

One easily asked question, provided it is presented at the right moment can throw an entire academic world into turmoil. Tens of thousands of philosophers, scientists and academics can literally feel impotent before a very basic education. And when this happens there tends to be a tendency amongst academia to fudge the issue.

The Big Bang singularity is a classic example of how this frugal purveying of truth works.

There is little fact to suggest a Big Bang singularity ever happened, and even less tangible evidence, apart from a low audible hiss detected by Bell laboratories in the mid 70s.

But personally I don't necessarily think I could agree with Bell laboratories, as machine data tends to be fraudulent at the best of times.

To produce a piece of kit and expect it to inform you, conclusively, of that which you wish to hear isn't that difficult. It is far more likely the background noise currently being detected in our universe is from a far more productive source: Probably the nothingness, which we will tackle in our next chapter.

But for now, I wish to concentrate more on the application of a Big Bang singularity, and attempt to explain its belief more fully.

A singularity in itself means, a point in space time, where spacetime curvature becomes infinite. We might describe this place easier, as an event. An event is a point in space, specified by its time and place: Or what we might term, fourth dimensional space time.

Fourth dimensional space time, is slightly different from three dimensional space, where everything might be accurately measured. In three dimensions, you can measure anything you choose, from the tip of your nose, to a hot friday night date.

However, by applying a fourth dimension to it, we actually provide a definitive point at which an event occurred. Therefore, if this event happened at the very outset of our universe, that specified place becomes a singularity, where spacetime curvature itself is infinite.

It would have been at that decisive moment in the history of the universe, that brought it into being. From that place, the universe would be born in one orchestrated motion on biblical proportion; or at least that is how science currently postulates the event.

No doubt most of you will have witnessed the event for yourself, possibly a thousand times over, as this seems endemic with media images transmitted via television. After all, there is nothing quite like a cataclysmic inferno on dantean proportion to fuel the imagination.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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